Interview, Bone Machine Book Co-Founder, Thom Young

Anyone, who follows my blog, knows that I am a huge fan of Poets/Writers and now publishing house owners of Bone Machine Books: Thom Young & Scott Laudati. I was fortunate enough to grab Thom’s attention for a couple of minutes – to scribe this interview for me.  Bottom line, Bone Machine Books has aContinue reading “Interview, Bone Machine Book Co-Founder, Thom Young”

Interview with Punk Poet Scott Laudati

I am beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to catch up with Punk Poet Scott Laudati. Scott\’s books Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair and Play the Devil are both available on Amazon. Now, let\’s see what Scott has to say on a number of different subjects – shall we?!  RMMW: As a publishedContinue reading “Interview with Punk Poet Scott Laudati”

Scott Laudati

Nearly two years ago, I had the good fortune of reviewing music for this incredible blog based in the UK called The Punk Archive.  And, here is the best part of all, I was able to review a chapbook — can you imagine?!  One minute I\’m writing music-review-after-music-review then all of a sudden I\’m emailedContinue reading “Scott Laudati”

American Inc. Introspection

American Inc., the NO record, I Want To Die  I\’ve literally not reviewed any music for months now, so when the opportunity arose for me to grab my favourite pen & notebook I think — I may have been a little too giddy! Just a quick backstory, last year April, when I was still writingContinue reading “American Inc. Introspection”