Interview, Karina Bush

Karina Bush is a bold writer with brass balls who is quite methodological when it comes her work.  Whether she be writing about: self love, sex or john\’s the body of work genuinely speaks for itself.  I have to admit, I love artists who are ok with a little bit of discomfort when it comesContinue reading “Interview, Karina Bush”

Interview with Tony Moore, Part II

About three years ago, I had the good fortune of interviewing a tremendous human being who without fail has got to be one of my all time favourite Singer/Songwriters.   Now, I have the opportunity for a follow up interview…. I would just like to extend my gratitude to Tony Moore for sharing a snippetContinue reading “Interview with Tony Moore, Part II”

Karina Bush

Now, that I\’ve had a chance to properly curl up with Karina Bush\’s Maiden, I think, I am ready to write this review. Maiden really truly is an journey for the senses, especially with regards to sexual and sensual exploration. When you read a painting you take note of specific techniques such as: brush strokes,Continue reading “Karina Bush”

Hemingway\’s B & B

Twilight approaches, in its company a wearyspirit seeks a tear drops worth of welcomedsolace. Hands no longer able to navigate thissteering with wheel minimal visibility. I investigatethe unworthy surreptitious road to find the bedand breakfast that holds my current reservation. Finally, a driveway, delightful slumber only afew kilometers in distance. What a wondrous signto greetContinue reading “Hemingway\’s B & B”

K. Iwanicki

The work of K. Iwanicki is: beautiful, heart wrenching & indeed quite profound…  It\’s always circles- everything comes in them, leaving out the front door only to be back at its threshold moments later. These feelings from my past- keep manifesting the same reactions like clockwork- my body anchored down, hooked deeply beneath the mantle ofContinue reading “K. Iwanicki”

Christy Aldridge

When I read the poems of my next showcase Christy Aldridge I want to just sit and cry. Because her work is lovely and EXTREMELY emotive. It moves me to think of a mission that I started years ago called “the verity of humanity” basically, searching for personal and intimate truths. And Christy is quiteContinue reading “Christy Aldridge”

Allen Tesch

Norman Rockwell, cookie cutter houses and luscious descriptions are exactly what you will find once you read the tremendous pieces written by Allen Tesch below. Allen has an organic gift to leave the writer wanting for more. I always love/hate it when writers leave us yearning for more descriptions sometimes it\’s good to include everyContinue reading “Allen Tesch”

Katie Nolen

I love dual meanings when I read poetry – Katie Nolen\’s poetry induces intellectual thoughts through her profound scenes. (Can you believe someone once told me that poetry is not intellectual? That is a story for another day…) Now, where was I, yes, Katie\’s work exhibits: bravery, independence and strength. She writes in a mannerContinue reading “Katie Nolen”

Christina Hart

You know, in life how we get those: OMG! OMG! OMG! moments? That is exactly how I felt when Christina Hart agreed to allow me to showcase/review her unbelievable poetry on CCIQ. Forget about oozing honesty this poetry goes one step further — her pieces exude a condensed bold truth. Safe Word Sometimes I wonderContinue reading “Christina Hart”

Interview with Poet & Psychologist, Claudine Nash

A rare and beautiful mind that houses the proclivity to simultaneously scribe magnificent poetry and comprehend complex science on a level similar to that of Da Vinci — mesmerizes me. As always, I want my phrasing to flow exceptionally well but; this interview is extremely special to me because Claudine Nash to me is aContinue reading “Interview with Poet & Psychologist, Claudine Nash”

American Inc. Introspection

American Inc., the NO record, I Want To Die  I\’ve literally not reviewed any music for months now, so when the opportunity arose for me to grab my favourite pen & notebook I think — I may have been a little too giddy! Just a quick backstory, last year April, when I was still writingContinue reading “American Inc. Introspection”