stolen or paid for?

perhaps one could survive on delectable stuffed liquorice creams liquorice creams? there are certain existences like that of jean valjean where the need certainly outweighs the want tragedy imposes upon those who are impoverished — who yearn for a hunger so poignant — it seems one could live on air alone sans nutrition use it…Continue reading “stolen or paid for?”

hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?

i know it probably sounds weird to associate candy with music nevertheless salt water taffy  i have absolutely no choice at this juncture today i selected salt water taffy and when i start to think of the soft chewy and ever flavourful confection i’m reminded   of   promises made throughout my youth   brokenContinue reading “hmmm, i wonder if bon jovi has a sweet tooth?”

“careless whisper” and a broken heart

you know those stupid little christmas dances where girls start to enjoy the company of boys and vice versa? a friend of mine was completely head over heals for this guy — well — as much — as one grade 8 could comprehend — one four letter word that can metamorphosis over the years toContinue reading ““careless whisper” and a broken heart”

flake or story teller?

we all have to proclivity to selectively transform our mundane lives into unusual dr. seuss scenes — from horton hearing a who to a journey that not only goes through vast lands that can be reached on our feet and others by wings on our feet — seems insane — powerful imaginations don’t fluster aContinue reading “flake or story teller?”

genuine root beer float or flavoured….

mike ‘n ike rootbeer float, photo credit candy warehouse frosted mug what do you hunger for? is it beer? or something sweet-tooth related? transparent glass — etches a design after an hour or so in the freezer empty and without its contents it begs for the vanilla ice cream that it stood side-by-side with inContinue reading “genuine root beer float or flavoured….”

jealous troll

life may be crap and perhaps the green monster\’s eyes shine brightly from within remember this animal is in all of us execution on the other hand is entirely a different subject — lifestyles ensconce the manner in which we release our intimate abnormalities and constant inconsistencies human sensitives are significantly and exceedingly bold —Continue reading “jealous troll”


there are bits and bobs from sentences that will consistently resonate with me when i contemplate the depth of meaning from one two syllable word which adheres to my rose coloured essence \’always\’sticks to my soul in a similar fashion that a piece of perfectly chewed original flavoured  bazooka joe bubblegum  attaches itself to a brand newContinue reading “evermore”


our adhd society is in an uproar the moment a human atrocity occurs yet days later constant yawns follow suit popeye cigarettes   apathetic creatures roam our universe in search of a unique and sustainable solution   too insane — and when i say insanei mean INSANE because that is exactly what’s been a constantContinue reading “desensitized”

sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….

when i think of yummy adhere to your teeth forever goodness sugar daddy photo credit candy warehouse — i begin to dream of sugar daddy’s. they\’ve got to be the best thing on a stick next to that chocolate dipped cheese cake pop i had in maui over —  13 years ago. something about thisContinue reading “sugar daddy, not the kind you might think….”


resigned attitudes form away from realities demise reflection  requires pause and delight  to thrive  by dark  shadows light pain inevitable love remarkable one\’s genuine self dissolves in jellos  powder crystals  liquid kisses and blitz of misses though fake may say  stay and fight for there’s still a quarts worth of questions that must solidify as jigglersContinue reading “quit”


you know that placewhere your humanitydiminishes — with eachdisturbed brain cell? in a similar surroundingof “one flew over thecuckoo’s nest” a placewhere broken craniumsare forced to livein a constantstate of a druggedhaze or a swiss cheesecerebellum that’s had oneto many electric shocktherapy treatments insanity is perpetuatedby those who do nothave the wherewithalto comprehend shatteredbrains areContinue reading “dwindle”

what makes you happy?

i never really thought of the concept of entitlement when it comes to being a happy human is being joyful a privileged or it is something that people should do regardless of their life status i suppose we could simply do a point counterpoint to see if there\’s validation towards a blissful life fire sideContinue reading “what makes you happy?”

Interview, Mitch Green of RAD Press Publishing

I really truly am fortunate to be surrounded by all these amazing micro presses and poets which includes Mitch Green\’s house RAD Press Publishing. Do me a favour for a minute think of the word RAD and the feeling in which it evokes from your core. A derivative of the word RADICAL and RAD PressContinue reading “Interview, Mitch Green of RAD Press Publishing”

Interview, Grant Jolly

Do you know what today is? It\’s the day Manic Raven Press Publishing is officially launched into the world!!! The founder Grant Jolly has roots heavily steeped in Scotland but has done something quite smart and universal — he is the founder of Manic Raven a global press that seeks to publish not only localContinue reading “Interview, Grant Jolly”