Rania M M Watts, COVERS Reveal!

A couple of years ago, I removed all of my books from Amazon to give them a proper home with Melaris In Print.  I am so grateful to the Founders Georgia & Spyros Melaris for providing my work a sustainable banner; and a place where they are truly appreciated. Over the next few months, my revamped second editions, and some new titles will once again be available through print and digital channels. 

Before I proceed with the covers reveal I should commence with a few notes of appreciation: Georgia and Spyros Melaris for always encouraging my insane ideas for poetry books, Tony Moore for all of the love and support you’ve poured into me, Dr. Milan Jelenic for always being so phenomenally encouraging, Teja Krašek for trusting me to write poetry based on your innovative Mathematical art, Liz Lugo for believing in my work so much that you wanted it in “I Killed Lucy Jones”, Valisa Bernardino for always designing the most incredible cover images, I am grateful you joined me as my Resident Artist all those years ago. And, to my family for ALWAYS understanding the importance of the written word to my spirit.

Now, the reveal of all my covers:


On March 9, 2021, I was invited to my friend Twisty’s Zoom Birthday party, I call her Twisty as her name is Sarah Twist and a KICK ASS contortionist and sword swallower.  That was the first time I had laid eyes and fallen in love with the PHENOMENAL work of Infinity Circus founder Carly Dann.  Carly is a hooper, (should also mention that she sets her hula hoops on fire and basically tosses them in the air and catches them). Let me paint a clearer picture for you, Carly, literally lights up her hoops or fire sticks and while they are on fire, elegantly throws them up in the air and catches them.  WHILE IT IS ON FIRE! Not to mention the fire eating (pretty damn COOL right!?)
As if that was not extraordinary enough, I cannot even begin to list off all of the services Infinity Circus offers during their events.  From performances to little camps that teach individuals specific circus tricks. It is remarkable to see the various acts, completely mesmerizing.  I asked Carly to write me a little blurb to celebrate the one-year anniversary; because, I think that it so important to assess the little victories such as survival in pursuit of artistic endeavours and that is exactly what she managed to do at the helm of this prosperous empire. 

Carly, cheers, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU; you have worked so hard! 
Rania M M Watts, EIC, CCIQ Press 

Infinity Circus is a circus entertainment company based in Essex in the UK specialising in party and event entertainment and workshops. We originated under a different name and were far more amateur than we are now. Just over a year ago, we had our brand change becoming more professional and it grew from there.

I started up my own company after working for another company for about twelve years but then two things happened that made me want to separate and go my own way. The company I worked for closed after its leader retired and I was told by an old peer that I would never be a performer because I was too fat and as a woman could never run a company as well as a man. This of course spurred me on to prove them wrong and so I started out as a solo artist 8 years ago before expanding to employ another three people and then expanding again in 2018 to employ another five people. Finally having our brand changed last year to become the formidable company we are now.

We are a team of nine performers now with each person bringing their own expertise to the team. We have the performers who specialise in circus acts and shows and the ground crew who specialise in stilts and workshops and tend to teach more than they perform. Each of us is unique in our own ways and we all get along great! We all have a passion for performing and the circus arts and we all just come alive when we work, some of our team members are just full of mischief but I do not think I personally have ever worked an event where we have not had a fun time, even when the weather has been pants. It is important to us all (me especially) that we have somewhere to work that is inclusive of anyone, is not judgemental or full of competition and strife, and above all is somewhere that we enjoy working. I wanted the company work to not only be fun but to be a break from the daily grind. Some of us only work part-time and have their own day jobs on the side, the rest of us do work for the company exclusively. It is not full-time work yet as we only get paid when we get hired for an event. The company is growing however and that is exciting.

It is a privilege for me to be the company owner and manager of the staff, I try to distribute the work evenly and always get permission from the whole team before enacting any changes. I do not want it to ever be Carly’s company but OUR team. I want my colleagues to feel a sense of ownership and pride within the company the same as I do. It is amazing to work with such a great bunch of people and I feel like I can trust each of them to manage events without me if I am booked elsewhere.

This year everyone has put in a ton of work with perfecting and creating their own acts, social media posts and just being open to trying our latest ideas and things that take them out of their comfort zone with events and performing. I am super proud of each of them, and they should be proud of themselves.

We have several goals to get through but my ultimate dream for the company is to have our own stage show which we then take around the UK in different theatres. Maybe even traveling abroad to perform internationally. Our plan is to spend the next few years re-building the company finances after the pandemic, networking, and planning before eventually making that happen. We have as they say nothing to lose so why not go for it! I am super excited to see where the company goes, and we have absolutely no intention of packing in any time soon if anything we will keep growing and growing.

*All photographs credit, Infinity Circus

It’s time for a little Let Your Heart Begin To Sing By Tony Moore

My friend Tony Moore has been inspiring me with his independent music for years now. Tony has a way of writing songs that cut through all of the garbage of life, to distill the most PHENOMENAL messages woven into his pieces. I’ve always classified myself as EXTREMELY fortunate to receive these incredible recordings even before the inception of a fully forged track; which emerges from the profound well inside of not only Tony’s talent but, his REMARKABLE connection towards humanity. The moment I heard Let Your Heart Begin To Sing I felt such a sense of hope as, I do with the majority of Tony’s songs. I mean read the lyrics to the first few lines:

I Know The World Came Crashing Down On You

But You’re A Fighter You Will Push On Through

What’s True Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterdays News

Just Keep The Line Of Love The One Thing You Choose

Let Your Heart Begin To Sing, Tony Moore

It’s remarkable in one instance acknowledgment of the pain and in the other the appreciation of what adversity and fighting through life’s challenges authentically means. I think, my favourite quality of Tony’s compositions is his ability to maintain his humanity.

I am so excited to share that on June 3, 2022, Let Your Heart Begin to Sing will be released across all digital platforms. Please click this link to reserve your copy; I did that the moment the slinky was made active. For more information on Let Your Heart Begin To Sing, please read the press release below.



For Immediate Play

May 3rd 2022


London Based Singer/Songwriter Tony Moore Releases His New Single “Let Your Heart Begin To Sing” On June 3rd As Tribute To His Mother Whose Dementia Inspired Him To Write The Song For Her.

MAY 3rd, 2022 – (London, UK) – On June 3rd, 2022 award winning UK singer/songwriter Tony Moore releases his brand new single “Let Your Heart Begin To Sing” on miniMAJOR Music across all digital platforms (via Absolute Label Services). The song was written at the start of 2020 when his Mother developed dementia and became bedridden. Tony was inspired to create a song that would give her hope; during the first lockdown, he would sing it to her every day as she would do “hand ballet” laying in bed and singing along.

Although recorded early in 2021, the song wasn’t scheduled for an official release, however, it was picked up by Caffe Nero for their in store playlist where it has now been heard in every outlet around the country for over a year. During this time customers began contacting the Nero head office asking about this “mystery” song as it couldn’t be found on Shazam or Google; which resulted in them often going back to the store at a specific time everyday in order to hear it again!

Tony says “I was quite overwhelmed by the response and after replying to many of the enquiries with an MP3 and copy of the lyrics I found that many people identified with both the message of the song and reason I was inspired to write it. It was then that I realised I had to finally release the song to the wider world”

The song was performed, recorded, produced, and mixed entirely by Tony on his own in the shed at the bottom of his Mothers garden, where he had set up a studio during the lockdown. His friends Lorrie and Tommy Harden from the band Lost Hollow in Nashville sent him backing vocals to add to the track which was Mastered by Wes Maebe at the legendary Galaxy Studios in Belgium

Tony Moore is an artist with a long career in the music business. He started as a keyboard player in the band Iron Maiden at the end of the 70’s, before they had signed their first deal. After he left he joined the lineup of a band called Tanz Der Youth formed by Brian James from The Damned. In the early 80’s his band Radio Java recorded an album at Abbey Road and had success in The Netherlands. In 1986 he became keyboard player in a new band called Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight)  touring and recording with them till late 1988. He has been awarded the much-coveted Gold Badge award for services to the UK Music industry as well as the sole inductee into the Music Managers Forum Roll Of Honour in 2004. He is currently working on his critically acclaimed one-man show and album called AWAKE.





For Further Information Contact Tony Moore

To be seen and appreciated for who you are, which I do!

I have the capacity to be quite difficult

waterworks flow threw me, an echoed
purpose reinvigorates my forked pathway
individuals set to inspire fuel a desire to be whole
lackadaisical languishing perceptions
diminished in a universe that has opened

oubliettes forever set aflame
eternity has waited enough
longingly to show the manifestation
of one of the purest ways to level up

each story has its purpose
one can conceal who they truly are from the world
but not from a human who can see right through

each and every moment
vectors form for the purpose of analysis
I had no clue what was coming
rendered to a puddle of resilience
a treaty between cognition and emotion

decades of demise and pain worth the trek
have brought me to this very time
the amount of daily yelling did not save me

half hazard and carless falls
sorrow with pain used to be extremely
evident and wasteful

people enter a life mid-way
horrific details induced stitched scars
they don’t see the emotional scars
only when they decide to walk through that door
it takes a very brave soul
to not minimize an experience and walk away
instead to understand the pain and advocate
nonsensical humans would never comprehend
it takes a strong being to stare at pain
and not be judgmental

with each day that passes
the gift of dialogue is bestowed upon me
I comprehend the level of underestimated idiocy

appreciation is at the forefront of the thoughts in my core
I reside in a world of bone and marrow
although render fantastical perceptions

Cemented Ink!

Over the last few years it has been suggested that I add a Podcast to CCIQ Press; well, after finishing a long year of academic studies I have decided to finally launch a permanent summer series entitled Cemented Ink!. This idea came to me back in October however, because I was in my first year of undergrad I did not want to add more to my already sky high plate of eclectic duties.

Since completing school, I’ve been VERY patient for my first interview on Cemented Ink!  this past week I recorded it with Founder of Bruno Press the PHENOMENAL and FEARLESS Mary Bruno.   And let me tell you, I could not have asked for a better guest; we spoke about Art, human insecurities, understanding Identity (Anyone who follows the blogs knows it is a subject that I am genuinely OBSESSED with!) to the impact of art on society.  I just finished writing two plump paragraphs about it and then proceeded to delete, as I realised, I was giving you the whole interview before you’d actually heard it.

So here is my announcement, Cemented Ink!’s debut episode will be released here, midnight on June 3.  I am genuinely excited as I have so many interesting interviews lined up with some of my favourite artists.

No triskaidekaphobia here on Friday the 13th only, Unreasonable Woman by April Rose Gabrielli

It has been a while since I posted a review of some sort, so I thought today would be as good a day as any other.  Well, I would say more of an introduction than proper review, which will be forthcoming once I have really been able to marinate on these PHENOMENAL TRACKS! Plus, when one of my favourite Singer/Songwriters releases their first EP on Friday the 13th, the is cause for a little mystification merged in all the music bars that I am constantly ensconced in when I hear this specific voice. The prolific Singer/Songwriter I am speaking of is April Rose Gabrielli; the moment midnight hit I added Unreasonable Woman to my iTunes. I could not think of a better thing to do for myself; Unreasonable Woman includes April’s three previously released tracks including Bad Habit (Don’t Make Me Bad), Need A Break, and Do You? which literally forced my core to fall in love with April’s work.  I honestly did not know what to expect, the moment I started listening I was in complete awe with Low, Happy, and Breaking Both. One of my favourite characteristics of April’s songwriting that I relish is her ability to constantly create music that house distinctly different sounds from song to song. I am quite delighted today, instead of playing three songs on repeat, I can play Unreasonable Woman in its entirety over and over again, click this link and your ears will be happy! I promise!

Ok, now stop listening and go purchase Unreasonable Woman!!!!

siren song

 fingers strike an onyx electric 
   fender squier john 5 telecaster     
     that yearns to have its strings bent 

         listen, it is there the sound 
             that drifts with an immense 
                   pressure and releases 

              into an unaware abyss
          that requires additional 
      research to be able to decipher 
   the purpose of journey pathways 
and the genesis of a new direction
   a rewired brain that is relentless
      that purges itself of any evil 
         or bitterness that lingers 
             for proof of life 

    the seed which annihilates 
 its core in order to bloom 
  a slice from a spiked whip
     to permit the sprout 
         to reach into 

            the great mother\’s earth
        toes that squish the wet moss 
           as the entire realm 
               of the evergreen forest 
                   comes to life beneath 
                       the feet of an unaware
                   human that stands 
               on the same terrain 
          as their ancestors 

            unaware of the battlecry 
                 that must be brought 
                     to fortified fruition
                          with the presence 
                             of  each descendant           

In between sheets of paper

Think of quiet moments
silent explosions
and wonder
how it would feel
to be inside a dying star

breathe and gaze
a supernova concealed soul
about to BURST

The vibrant hues alone
it would be beautiful
an organic definition

A stifled life
relinquishes everything
fingers feel the slightly
bumpy textured parchment

It desires to be written all over
every inch of its surface

What words would one select?

Phrases whispered by lovers
in the heat of the formation
of the beast with two backs

Lovers who surrender
their beings to each other
who pick up on vulnerabilities
and act as a barrier of protection

Lovers who know
exactly who they desire
beyond measure

When the whispered promises
are made; secret packs
of blood intertwined
with a fire so fierce it’s felt
through the course of lifetimes

Bonds forged
enthralled and aware
two things that may cause a fright
connection maintains truth

and, just exhale

Meet our newest scribe, Luke Young

For those of you who are regulars on CCIQ Press; you may have noticed a revamping of the Meet the Team page. Every single writer, artist, photographer as part of my collective have been handpicked by me; that being said yesterday offered with it -- all sorts of magic. I reached out to Luke Young aka @ragealien on Instagram and asked if he would like to be one of my Quill Fated Scribes, I experienced an overpour of joy when he said “yes”.  

I am a human who believes in universal signs and let me tell you I got one, on the same day that I asked Luke to join my team I received his latest chapbook with @laughingroninpress Waiting in Phnom Penh. One should note, things typically do not arrive here quickly in the mail from international destinations. Can anyone say SERENDIPITY? I read a few pieces, the quality of Luke’s work is as always: profound, unwavering, and very human.  A lot of writers do not allow the human aspect of their work to speak for themselves; with Luke the emotion ALWAYS come through.  

I know that is a long way to say, Luke welcome to the team we are delighted to have you with us! 

Rania M M Watts, EIC, CCIQ Press 

Luke Young is a writer, bibliophile, proletarian, bartender, amateur bird enthusiast, and factotum. He is of mixed Indigenous and old colonial European American heritage. He grew up among Southeast Asian war refugees in the states of Washington and California before moving to Cambodia where he lived for the majority of the next seventeen years. He moved back to the United States in the autumn of 2017 with his wife and four children. *Photo credit Luke Young

“Much of life is a struggle but finding kindred souls among fellow creatives gives one hope for a different kind of world. As I poet I’m intensely solitary but in that solitude, I still look at the creative voices and physical artwork of others for inspiration.”

Luke Young

5 eyes + 300 Teeth + 32 brains = leech idiocy

i have little to no tolerance 

    for human beings who basically 
        engulf all of the planets elegance 
              for their own gain 
    you know — human leeches 
      exist for the purpose 
         to pillage & destroy 
       it’s quite bile riddled 
   these creatures truly desire 
to be amongst those who demolish
  i on the other hand conceptualise 
    the potential annihilation of these ugly
       beings — especially if a consistent
           yearn to dismantle anything 
                pure and good  
  the truth of that matter 
     land, air, or earth creatures 
        must embrace a system 
            which allows for simbiosis 
   i can not illustrate enough
     although some may despise 
         others and vice versa
   it honestly doesn’t mean 
that is the predestined course 
  for all the universe’s inhabitants  
       to persist an ache towards
             high levels of hatred 
     hmm i wonder if a cockroach 
  could devour a leech? one moment 
while i google — ok, found a really 
   gross video with a bunch 
        of cockroaches and their fulfilled 
             appetites on a leech 
                   although towards the end
                         the leech still exhibited 
      to ravage all of the worlds 
          grotesque corners 
              and leave nothing 
         is truly 

Waiting in Phnom Penh By Luke Young

On March 1st of 2022, Laughing Ronin Press is releasing a collection of my poetry titled Waiting in Phnom Penh. Many of the poems in that collection are about the unique ways life hits you, sometimes with brutal and unpleasant force and at other times with joyous surprise or at least chaotic fascination. Hindsight can show us where the warnings might have been but often times the events happen with shock and terror and we’re left to pick up the pieces.

I like to think much of my poetry it is self-explanatory, but if you get a copy you’ll realize that some of the pieces are location-specific: Nevada, Minnesota, Cambodia, Germany, and this ties in my personal experiences into a broader one without borders. We often confine ourselves to a very limited series of connections whereas I like to see those things which have wide and incredible reach. It’s not always good how far that reach goes but it can be interesting or insightful nonetheless.

For a bit of brief background for context: I grew up around Cambodian refugees in the states of California and Washington from zero to five and then my family relocated to the still war-torn and violent nation of Cambodia to work in missions and aid. My family moved back and forth between Cambodia and the United States but I left home at seventeen years old and spent a while traveling before returning to Cambodia. Once I returned to Cambodia I married my wife Loralie who also grew up around Cambodian refugees, but in Minnesota and also spent the majority of her childhood and youth in Cambodia. We have four children together and three of them were born there and one in Thailand. In 2017 we decided to move back to the United States and have been in Minnesota since then. The icy winters, lack of fresh mangoes, and bland food have been very difficult to adjust to.

The title of the book comes from a poem of the same name. It’s a poem of longing, heartbreak, ancestry, mindfulness, anger, and ultimately solitude. My wife was visiting New Zealand and it was a particularly stormy and rough winter there, meanwhile, the dry season was in full effect where I was in Cambodia. The routine work week, child care, and lonely nights began to get to me and I channeled all of those feelings, including my ever present anger at the lack of planning or preservation which summarizes life in Cambodia, into a poem based out of loneliness and reconnection to my ancestral traditions. The piece contains many elements of my own dissonant world views as a non-Cambodian heavily influenced by Cambodian culture, zen philosophy, Marxian dialectics, and indigenous heritage. When I re-read the poem Waiting in Phnom Penh I feel a melancholy which encompasses much of how I still feel about that city and the love I shared with my wife there. It was painful much of the time, and yet the moments of beauty, adventure, and discovery gave it a lot of meaning.

One thing I’d like to make sure is clearly stated for my own posterity and because it amuses me greatly is that when I wrote the poem Hiropon I had no idea there was a famous sculpture from artist Takashi Murakami’s bodily fluids series with the same name. When I looked it up I was delightedly shocked and spent a good few minutes laughing to myself. I love the strange similarities and possible inferences one could make between my piece of writing and the sculpture. Murakami’s sculpture and title predate my poem by many years and in no way do I want to steal from the incredible artistic creativity and brilliance of his creations. I have definitely become a fan although very much by accident. The uses of the word Hiropon which Japanese acquaintances of mine introduced me to are the reason why I titled the poem that and I think with a little bit of discretionary reading it’s fairly obvious, although maybe only ethereally so, what I’m getting at. Maybe that’s vague but sometimes vagueness is necessary.

I hope with this book of poems that at the very least the reader can say, “Well that wasn’t entirely a waste of time.” If you are a stranger to me and ever show me a copy of my book I’ll buy you a drink of mezcal or if you’re not a drinker then something else and we can talk about birds, Sleep Token, sand, Bulgakov, pangolins or whatever comes to mind.

Bio: Luke Young is a writer, bibliophile, proletarian, bartender, amateur bird enthusiast and factotum. He is of mixed Indigenous and old colonial European American heritage. He grew up among Southeast Asian war refugees in the states of Washington and California before moving to Cambodia where he lived for the majority of the next seventeen years. He moved back to the United States in the autumn of 2017 with his wife and four children. He is awful at keeping in touch with people.

*Photo Credit Luke Young

Elements of You

A chill-wave in the air captures
your essence. Forced,
my mate collapses on the floor.
Please, I beg you!
Do not leave my side: we fought
an immensely-difficult battle.
Everyday your struggle's
more obvious than the next.
I admire your tenacity.
Your animalistic
expressions surround me.
On the driest of earth
a courageous lion
protects me from the hunters -
even though, at times,
I deserved to be eaten.
In the windiest breeze,
a crazy old owl
shouts accolades in a time
of sorrow & humiliation.
In the deepest ocean crevice,
a massive sperm whale
never abandons their family
trapped in a whaler's net.
Emerging from red hot flame:
the Alchemist,
a constant provider
of all things metaphysical
and concrete.
A short courtship:
the only way for endurance.
I have never believed
that we are born whole;
I am grateful to have
my immortal companion:
as Wolves mated for an eternity.

Are there some subjects, writers should NEVER scribe?

I don’t know
if writers should
Swedish Berries
ever restrict
their expressions
regardless of subject
— are there indeed
certain issues where
a freshly dipped
peacock’s quill tip
should never be utilized
to moisten a piece
of rice parchment
with recently harvest
black squid ink?
Bloody hell!
My love. I’m sorry
can you please pass
the Swedish Berries?”
Now, where was I?
Oh yes, I was about
to tell you — what I’m
sure will be for you
the most awkward
read ever…

anatomical vs a mathematical imprint

Original Art by Mathematical Artist Matjuška Teja Krašek
 ever notice
   unless there is a stencil
 at times it can be quite tedious 
to sketch the perfect heart 
 with flourished fantastical curves 
  structure of comprehension 
as related to its purpose 

   with or without we would be gone
 because human enigmas are able to feel 

  warmth can be found in places 
that are least expected 

  in the most pitch cover 
        of golden hues 

   a moment of tranquility 
encased in love 

Select your words very carefully with me…

Some words uttered

from your breath
I eagerly seek the actual etymology
and source certain things
have been said over the years
savage and blissful in origin
a profound love that brews
for a twin flame
who fought
to remain
by your side.

Who found true value
in you when you felt
you couldn’t find it in yourself?!

Who genuinely knew the potential,
who would at any given moment
could induce an insane amount
of laughter and erotic bliss.

When tapestries are woven together
each piece of thread,knot and stitches
with another.

A desire so desperate.
An ache so great.


Forget me nots are planted to ensure a being is NEVER placed in a decrepit oubliette miles below the Earth’s surface; where the excrement permeates, and refuses to escape. The worst possible verses from Dante’s Inferno bloom through seeds of indecision, maniacal breath, or the blood that sticks to the surface of your skin. Washed, crimson flows clear. Is there redemption in our dreams — do we see an authenticity of spelunked realms; what does it mean? Every single desire can not be lived in the tactile flesh as postulated by Freud. Locked below the depths of the subconscious — unable to retrieve its truth — a concealed place that protects your brain from extreme trauma. Although most days it’s the heart that requires fortification. Which land would be ideal to reside, that of blood and honey, or one that affords verity. Desire resides in dreams for purpose of self-preservation, always to release, to allow the animal to let go of I’ll fated inhibitions. Humans are primal beings; the debate over this issue the subconscious must remain in Pandora’s Box, a caged animal with no escape. Do you think any human can genuinely contend with the authentic darkness of another? An ache so real the vibrations could shatter bone. Or, stifle and forever remain the keeper of your secrets?

Apexia, Fairy Warrior

Optics in the form of a feline 
found their way from the muddy  
terra firma which constitutes 
a rich and lush essence. 

The place in which you were formed 
where melancholy collided with profound 
experimentation, forged from an ancient 
civilisation ensconces your very being. 
Upon your creation there were certain
embedded skills which had been implemented 
throughout your origin stories. 

Apexia, you come from the land of fauna 
so powerful, there was an immediacy 
for your creation.  As an apex warrior 
you house the capacity to not only hunt 
and thrive in any wild environment. 
Also, you are afforded the proclivity 
of charm as designed directly from 
your historical fairy lineage.  

Global and internal struggles are those 
which constantly persist, and you constantly 
show bravery in the face of adversity. Riddled 
with a kind, and compassionate core 
one that see discrepancies, and does not allow
for them to be dusted under an overpriced 
Persian rug.  I know from time to time 
your essence does not feel like that of a warrior 
nevertheless, that should never consume 
your thoughts.  Every MASSIVE
sized Alice in Wonderland walrus 
which falls on your path, is annihilated 
in the most respectful way. 

A unique chimera you are… 

Tohm Bakelas REVIEWED!

Today is the second day of the second semester while preparing for my term marking off assignments and test dates on my oversized calendar; I came across two little chapbooks that genuinely made me smile by my friend Founder of Between Shadows Press Tohm Bakelas.

The first micro publication by Pyre Publishing is such a lovely little treat for the senses, one poem with a drop of a word or two on each page. With each gentle turn of the hand cut parchment of songs for sincerity and survival a story is forged which solidifies the pace of the piece, what I genuinely appreciate about this piece which is so well penned and a feast for the senses as one contemplates truly being awake.

The second micro publication is Tohm’s PHENOMENAL Flexeril Haikus, I have to state it is quite tender how no syllables are taken for granted as on the first page it states one hundred and seventy syllables. I relish the concept of each one counted and not a single word wasted, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I don’t want to reveal the contents of this chap too much, I feel it is one that requires reading. I have many books from Tohm in my poetry collection, and as this small chapbook packs a punch one thing you should know about Tohm’s writing is that he NEVER holds back. Each identifiable emotive marker comes through with such succinct qualities regardless of subject.
Poets splay their most inner souls in their words, wether they guard concealed secrets or discuss the trials and tribulations of being a single father and all of the energy, focus and exhaustion that entails.

Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds

Conceptualised earth 
   shadow riddled caverns inside 
        unquestionable ocean depths

   consider for a moment 
      the direction taken by the strata 
          in the deepest portion of liquid clarity 
     one that rivals the endless azure 
          is the comparison required 
         to comprehend harmony 

    an internal core 
       fused within itself 
          one could measure the physiology 
     of the human form
        are considerations made 
   toward the limitations of the body 
     propelled by a mind that knows no bounds 

        a dark and stained oubliette 
    takes form of the internal manifestation
       where all the bile resides 
          no fibre optics of illumination 
            although it is impossible 
      for such a place to exist in the realm of reality 
  the torture chamber for the rubik cubed mind 
    that permits for the agony revealed 
       in annihilation 

    pieces not gathered from separate 
      entities one afforded in an enigma 
         wrapped in tethered sentiment 
    constant trepidation to guard 
              of state 

BS’ing with Sean K

I am typically not the type of person to pursue an audio interview, when I was asked to be on BS’ing with Sean K there was a slight hesitation. Not because of Sean, he’s a wonderfully attentive interviewer who relishes dialogue; the blame is on my inner self. I have only done one radio & Facebook live interview, that was the extent of my experience. I am honestly delighted that I broke out of my comfort zone for Sean’s podcast. We all house, even as an adult an inner child that at times may feel fear enclosed in extremely dark spaces, my inner child kept whining at me. “Why do you not just do the show? You used to be fearless nothing would scare you, now you are frightened of your own shadow.” That is honestly how I felt, over the years complacency renders our soul to a pile of fear in lieu of the braver creature; I was destined to be. Over the last few years, there has been an awakening in my soul that has propelled me in a direction to literally challenge myself regardless of the fear. Nothing good comes from living in the shadows.

Now, that being said, I am thrilled to share with you my interview with Sean!

Help Save OBJX Studio!

Lakeisha Jones

How you can help.

For those of you who don’t know, OBJX has quickly become a second home to myself, my children, and many creatives within the GTA and beyond. It’s a place where our community can come together and feel safe, create, share, grow, learn and so much more. With this pandemic, we’ve been hit hard and we are at risk of losing our home, so the OBJX team has decided to put together this Go Fund Me in hopes to save our creative community and safe space. With Christmas, I know it isn’t always easy to spare that extra, but honestly, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING helps.

Some could call it home, some call it an escape, many find us as a safe space to connect and create as a community. We are one of the few full-stack creative hubs left in Toronto but we may not be around much longer due to the regulations surrounding the pandemic that we have all been fighting against for the past 2 years.

We are hoping to raise $15,000 in order to pay for the previous and this month’s rent while we continue to look for ways to keep this space alive. Donations can be made via Go Fund Me here.

Not only do we have this donations page for financial support, but we are also offering a number of different services from our team of creatives that we’ve connected with over the past 3 years.

We offer:
GIFT CARDS for bookings and events in 2022, to purchase gift cards click this link!

Drone footage tour of OBJX Studio can be watched here!

Studio A or B – $90/hr
Warehouse – $175/hr
Warehouse 1/2 day (12 hours) – $1320

Warehouse Full Day (24 hours) – $1968
2-Day Warehouse Special (48 hours) – $2976

Full Studio (For events) Starting at $2500 for up to 8 hours

For PRODUCTION bookings after gift card purchase please email us at [email redacted]dio to secure your time slot.

For EVENT inquires after gift card purchase please email us at info at objx.studio. If you are an artist yourself and would like to donate your art to the art auction please message us.

Please contact info@objx.studio (for general info) & Experience@objx.studio (for bookings).


I genuinely relish this time of year, not only am I faced with pending holiday spectacles but, also the honour of acknowledging one of my favourite humans. Sonja, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the endless love and support that you have provided myself and CCIQ Press over the years.  

I wish you nothing but immese love, 

Rania Watts, EIC CCIQ Press 

p.s. Thank you once again for furninshing me with such delicious pieces Sonja! 

A Tale of Two Pets

A blue-gray cat’s daring escape from
gloomy hideout, insane jokester kitty
lurks making noises often peculiar, 
quirky rascal startles Tilly, unsuspecting
victim watches xenophobic yahoo zonker

Mosaic Tautogram

Magnificent muse
meld, mold, morph me

monumental moments
made my morning miraculous

maps, miles, mazes
mosaic mountainside
misty montage masterpiece

For more information on Sonja's poetry check her out on Instagram!

Kindness throughout the holidays!

Aura, Kindness at Christmas

The phenomenal and talented Aura aka Laura Westcott was gracious in allowing me to post this little clip of not only a poem but, also impactful vocals that distill the importance of kindness. Perspective has to be one of the greatest gifts humanity is afforded; to be able to understand the extreme opposites that reside on our globe with a tender heart is immense.


Barkeep: Hi what can I get you?

Cendra: Mmm, not sure what looks good for tonight?

Barkeep: What’s your typical poison?

Cendra: Banana daiquiri, with a double shot of rum 
        -- usually. However, I am not certain, I keep thinking 
        about my time in Hawaii & Europe. 

Barkeep: Umm, what does that have to do with anything?

Cendra: In Hawaii, I felt at peace, you know, the kind 
        of tranquility that resonates for a few moments 
        of freedom at the end of each James Bond movie?

Barkeep: 0h, are you a James Bond fan?

Cendra: Uh, not really, I tried to watch the first film 
        and was not able to survive 20 minutes.
        I was sooo bored!

Barkeep: What you speak of is seriously sacrilegious; 
         how does one not like James Bond movies?!

Cendra: I’m sorry, my idiosyncratic personality 
        can’t take James Bond?

Barkeep: Are you mad?

Cendra: No, not mad. I can however appreciate Sean Connery’s
        charm. Hmm, I just had a brilliant idea; I wonder 
        can you make me a James Bond martini with bourbon please? 
        Also, if you have any caramel sauce or whipped cream behind 
        the bar that would be perfect -- it's exactly what I desire. 

Barkeep: That sounds like a travesty, what about when you were 
         in Hawaii what is it that you drank? 

Cendra: It was a Blue Hawaii, actually the most whimsical moment
        and probably drunk I’ve ever been in my entire life (aside
        from the time I had seven oversized shots of Kracken) I’ve
        always found them to taste delicious. And, let me tell you 
        being ensconced by the cool breeze while engaged in dance 
        on the tabletops post dinner, still renders me with snapshots 
        of tribal exhilaration.  

Barkeep: That sounds doable; I have a great recipe for Blue Hawaii. 

Cendra: I still feel like bourbon, I need that liquid caramel 
        flavour to ooze through me right now. Perhaps, just make me 
        the potion that I'd requested, you remember the one 
        that you called a “travesty”?

Barkeep: NO!

Cendra: Listen, this is what I want you have all the 
        ingredients; why not just make the bloody drink? 

Barkeep: Tell me about Europe; what did you drink 
         the of the majority of the time that you relished?

Cendra: Oh, you know, just your usual beer stein size full of wine; 
        although I need to admit the 49’ Gewurztraminer is my ultimate
        favorite. Even more so than 100-year-old bottle of Château 
        Lafite Rothschild, I had a few Christmases ago.

Barkeep: We actually have a bottle from 49’ in the back 
         if you want me to get it for you?

Cendra: What is it going to take for you to make me the drink 
        that I want?

Barkeep: Listen to my signature martini; I was addicted 
         to this specific drink for a long time. 

Cendra: Are you serious right now; I can just leave.

Barkeep: If you want to leave the door is right there, if you’re 
         willing to risk it, sit down and let me try to figure 
         something out, otherwise you don’t have to stay. 

Cendra: FINE! 

Barkeep: Wonderful, please have a seat. I am Vincent.

Cendra: Nice to meet you, Vincent. I am Cendra, 
        let the games begin. 

Vincent: So, I was thinking about what you said if you want 
         you can have a Classic Bourbon Manhattan. You are going to
         also have to forgo the whip cream and the caramel sauce. 
         Or if you like you can try my favourite?

Cendra: What exactly is that?

Vincent: One sec, I learned how to make it a very long time ago. 
         Try this, Belvedere Vodka, very dry, & olive stuffed with 
         blue cheese. I even added two extra olives for you. I’ve been 
         addicted forever to this specific martini. 

Cendra: Fine! I’ll try anything once and I’m in the mood to quickly 
        numb my mind. 

Vincent: Cheers. 

Cendra: Thank you, um, while you are at it, can I at least have
        a shot of bourbon before I drink your martini?

Barkeep: How about, I hold the bourbon and you try the drink?

Cendra: Rolls her eyes, flips her hair back over her shoulder,     
        and in a moment of frustration exclaims: Fine! 

Vincent: Let me know if you need anything else.

Cendra: Actually, I’d genuinely appreciate some French fries please… 

No more visible breath in the frigid air

Recollections of tormented memories 
       numerous humans placed on extinction 
   to preserve the sanity 

What happens
  when we place ourselves 
       on extinction 

     when the laughter & smiles denote 
         the absence of joy 
    when trepidation & release 
           are forced to battle 

    A covert force propels 
       the amplification of life 
       What of those who’ve 
        lost resilience 

  When a heart no longer 
        desires to thump 
      When existence has 
            proved too much 

       Just around the rabbit hole 
              on the way to Wonderland  

   A thought comprised of demise flashes 
        for a  picosecond 
    Enough time to comprehend 
       there is no purpose 
           for self mandated 

Presenting: La Vie Events 1st Annual Christmas Market

Thank you to the phenomenal La Vie Events for furnishing me with information on their first EVER Christmas market. Please click on the vendor image to be transported to socials.

We will be inside of OBJX Studio alongside some incredible local vendors, sipping on a specialty beverage from our seasonal bar and enjoying some live music!

Don’t forget this one is fun for the whole family with our specially curated KidZone. With a visit from Santa, cookie decorating, arts and crafts, Christmas movies and more. The kids will be entertained.

Follow our vendors and then come check them out and support local this Christmas.

La Vie Events

Vendors include:

@thelippielab @kerl.beauty @sugaboomco @sugaa.coated @safetykeys_to @brwnsgrskin @honeycomb.melts @passifloracandles @shopmaskey daringdarlings.to @paintingsbyjessika
@shapedxresilience @smashndiptreats @plantonic_relationship @shop.brightbelle @bright.bear.glass @cxpxherbalblends @conxciousproduxtions

Prior to the cluster f*ck that was COVID19, AIDS reigned!

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, decades later I am still impacted by these deaths! 

This is not another sappy poem 
as to the myriad of humans 
I’ve lost to this horrible illness
I thought instead I would tell you 
a little bit about them...

Nick, my mentor  was one of the most open-minded
individuals I’d ever met on this planet; 
whenever I felt stagnant before Nick died 
we would always discuss the most random 
of issues tapered into logical and spiritual 
sense. As my teacher, he understood 
my insanity and innate need 
to help heal the world.

Every single Thursday during my placement
Ronnie & I were paired for food bank day. 
My supervisor at the time had acknowledged 
the difficulty of being surrounded 
by much darkness every Thursday. That was never 
my perspective, it afforded me the opportunity 
to comprehend my clients. I still remember Ronnie’s  
Christmas card from 1996, it said “We will always 
make a wonderful pair. Love, Ronnie” 
He was gone three weeks later...

John loved creativity, every time I would 
visit him we would either order pizza 
or Chinese, talk, and watch movies. 
There was a slight overhang in his condo 
that he didn’t like at all. He desired leaves 
to be stencilled in deep forest green 
to break up the boredom. I stencilled 
the overhang, he said every year we would 
add 2 inches and it would grow – – 
he never survived the next growth.

Throughout the course of our lives 
we honour our lost spirits by proceeding 
without them to acknowledge the kindness 
even disagreements, I am not only a better 
person but counsellor as well. Working with 
people who have HIV and AIDS 
is one of the hardest things to do.

Palliative care houses torture for 
everyone including those who are suffering.

The best way to contend with heartache 
is to always approach with love.
Something that sounds so ridiculously
corny affords moments 
of appreciation.