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Organic beings, once immensely enveloped in l’amour now rendered to faded memories moments spent quietly by the immortals who came before our human essences first breath on our infinitely maudlin planet. The undead walk among us, feet that know no structure of sound during the simple step movements, it is the quiet that alarms our earth.Continue reading “Verona”

blood is not thicker than water!

just because       you were born into a family             doesn’t necessarily      mean you belong            there blood ties,           don’t keep                    anyone fastened    our earth       affords us               our ohana i gather my sisters       before the harvest moon               for a moment of appreciationContinue reading “blood is not thicker than water!”


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Founder of CCIQ Press, Rania M. M. Watts is a well-established author. Her earliest works, Cement Covered Ink Quills & Rarities’ and Summer to Summer Rewind were self-published. Rania moved on to publish her third book, Cockroach Blueprint, in 2017 with KUBOA Press. As for her most recent publication, she returned to self-publishing to release Accordions & Moustaches. Currently, she is working on her forthcoming book Verity, about the exploration of the human condition via dialogue.

In addition to her own literary endeavours, Rania has been published by the 48th Street Press Broadside Series and the Open Minds Quarterly special classroom edition. These pieces have been used to educate both college and high school students on mental health issues, a topic Rania finds to be extremely important. Aside from her mental health advocacy, she has also utilized her talents to write as both a reviewer and journalist for two United Kingdom-based music blogs, The Punk Archive and Music Gateway.

Outside of her passion for the written word, Rania earned her Social Service Worker Diploma from Centennial College. Her areas of focus encompassed HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention, Advocacy, and Suicidal ideation. In the fall of 2020, Rania will resume her studies in the field of Victimology.

You can find Rania dabbling in a myriad of fine art mediums. However, she can be mostly found at home with a pen, crayon, eyeliner, quill, and parchment. In tandem with her quirky outlooks and perceptions, Rania has allowed her imagination to dominate her personality since she told her Grade 8 teacher that she desperately wanted to flee to Europe with solely a typewriter to create poetry tucked away within it’s beautiful mountainside fields.

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