Contents Of The Cerebral Cortex!

 I wonder if one could vomit 
  their grey matter? 
    All logistics associated
with a relentless mind
  solidifies in a manner
     conducive to the metamorphosis
       to place Kafka’s to shame
Why does one’s transformation
   always focus on the onyx pitch?
  Can we not evolve
         in the presence of illumination?
 Those moments of intensity
      is when we are able to finally
          “level up”
    Despite the negative voices
        and endured torture
    There is a component
          to life’s musical soundtrack
              which allows the availability
         to reign and advocate
               for the inner
                    child frightened
             to move
                      from the corner
                               they were placed in
        For no other reason
              besides a mother’s jealousy
                    in attempt to ruin their child’s life
              You hear that?
                     it is the crash of FREEDOM
                            MY shackles now
                                   being held
                                 in the arms of the mist

I am freak!

I’d shared
White Chocolate
Photo Credit Purdy\’s 
some good news
with a friend
of mine who
utilized a phrase
that I’d never
heard before
I’d never thought
about humans
that way nevertheless
— we do indeed
have our own personal
(and for those of who
you’ve seen Cloud Atlas
— I am not in discussions
about recycled
but innate gifts are given
to us by Gods & Goddesses
it’s the same thing
with regards to one
of my favourite chocolates
ever — which happens
to be a byproduct
of the cocoa bean.

come on, you know you are guilty…

one of my favourite
things to do when i receive
a package of liquorice allsorts
is to basically empty
them out into a large bowl
and pick my pleasures
— although, i enjoy all
of the sorts — i always
find myself attacking
the ones with the blue
and pink candy

what about

mouth sparklers

pop rocks, photo credit candy warehouse


got to see this…
don’t look  
just open  — pour 
the contents directly 
into your sweet 
tooth riddled
pie hole
please patiently wait 
for the illuminated 
multi-hued fireworks
display to begin inside
your mouth
now, drink a soda
— freaked out by urban 
legends — well let’s 
debunk this one 
for you….

plump, pencil or wax?

don’t you ever
wish that your lips
wax lips
were removable
and edible?
that way during
times of extreme
self doubt & trepidation
you’d be able to extract
& digest your own
pie hole
once your thoughts
have been completely
diluted back to a normal
core — at that time & only
that time will your lips
begin to regenerate
a defence
that doesn’t only
preserve one’s
secrets but also



when you’re the least
liked by no fault
of your own —
you’d think it would
popeye chews
sour you completely
over the prospect
of friendship
it really doesn’t
— simply forces
you to realise
depth of specialized
not everyone
is established
to walk a path
ravaged not only
with thistles
but mirth
some brick
roads are just
that brick
— others are lined
with carefully
laid popeye chews
with warm


clouds outstretch
their arms inside
of an unaware strata
our universe in a state
of constant and swift
structures which
house human
our cores
are indeed
with the same
organic materials
that\’s in stardust
— imagine —
right now
for one moment
the acknowledgement
that time turns upon
and inside of itself
an infinite route
beyond compare
one thing
for sure — boredom
shall never been
an option — ever

yeux de plume

Last year my introduction to Anoosh Naghibi’s body of work was made when Tony interviewed him on RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore. I relished the artistic impression so much that I started to follow Anoosh on Instagram. When this image popped up, it had inspired so many dreamscapes in my mind. Life is all about expanding our comfort zones, something Anoosh excels at, not only his images but videos as well. Thank you Anoosh for allowing me to post this incredible sculpture on my press.

For more information on Anoosh please click the socials below.

Credit Anoosh Naghib

Yeux de Plume

a myriad of photographs
enter my cortex
when I contemplate a visage
the first aspect that strikes me
is the appearance of the optics
not only the hue
but the expression
as maniacal laughter manifests
I slowly begin to gaze upon the lashes
long luscious feathers
feathers in lieu of eyelashes
with a pair of magnificent wings to replace ears

wings unlike Dumbo’s ears
these appendages DEMAND

the concept to allow
an entire body to be led by plumage
on either side of your skull

can you imagine
what it would be like to fly?

most humans when they conceptualize flight
transference of arms as wings

what if the flight source
originated from the top of the crown

what if
we housed simultaneous
metaphysical and physical feathers
that are able carry a body regardless of weight
through the strata

which encourages the proclivity
of the minds expansion
to articulate concepts that supersede
boundaries which no longer exist

freedom can be a norm
and not just an ideal
we must take part

what is it we are meant to do with life
the only way that is every going to happen
is with the conception of release

chocolate covered coffee beans; time to blow the ceiling…

my first year
of secondary school
i met a neurotic
who was completely
obsessed with chocolate
dark chocolate covered coffee beans 
covered coffee beans
three at a time
— throughout a stressful
exam session

at that point
i still had no idea
what coffee tasted
like — the aroma
itself smelled
pungent — i grew
up in a house
where turkish
coffee was taken
every afternoon
with an immense
plate of delectable

the first time,
i ever had a cup
of double double coffee
was on my 17th

at first impression
i thought i would
have to bleach
my palate
to remove
that flavour
from inside my

when i turned
18 — i gave cappuccino
a chance — still felt
the same way
as the first time around
— although the foam
tasted delicious

the last time, i gave
this hot beverage
a try — in desperation
of caffeine after
a sleepless night
of pending graduation

needless to say
i nearly blew off the ceiling 
of my community class
in college and almost
got kicked out — in part
because the coffee
had awoken a hyper sleeping
dragon who wanted
nothing more than
a cold bottle
of mountain dew.  

from where?

forget knocked
down from heaven
to hell — how about
one who remains
nestled inside
of an oubliette
black bart liquorice gum
by the kings
of purgatory
silver cobwebs
adorn an aged
portal unaware
of travellers
close proximity
to a place
where memories
soar on the plumage
of humanities
bile & disgust
tragedy deems
nerve blockers
away from
any intrusions
— but not from
the most important
of secrets
within the oblivious
of a mad

“make a change”

i used to feel
that life was trite
and inconsequential
a gift not worth
any gratitude
self destruction
was almost imminent
can you imagine
a dark riddled
with an authentic
onyx hue that never
seems to dissipate
a charcoal cloud
that weighs
the heart’s tempest
there’s no secret
to living — just
live and things
will fall into place
and one morning
you will wake up
not only happy
to be alive
but also with
an ache to squeeze
as much fun as possible
in those last minutes
of sunlight before
luna takes over
soleil’s shift
for the duration
of the evening
don’t get me wrong
there is also beauty
in the darkness
but it doesn’t have
to be so royal
within my


I’ve been sitting here since 1:30 pm listening to iLO’s livestream on Facebook of nothing but original work. One of my favourite nights paired with her birthday makes for a magnificent show. iLO has a solid work ethic one of my favourite aspects of her repertoire is that she is a true chameleon – as iLO’s voice morphs with the style that she sings in; It is honestly so wonderful to behold.

My way of honouring iLO’s birthday – via sharing her music and writing poetry of course!

Auditory Bliss

When I listen to your voice 
    liquid emotion seep from my optics 
            not out of sorrow 

   The poised fashion in which you express 
yourself via the medium of your phenomenal 
   body of work – propels the world 
       in a place where kindness and betterment
            are priority 

    I’ve always said, I don’t know 
        how someone could simultaneously 
      be Rock n’ Rock and ridiculously adorable 
    in the best possible way

     One aspect to your essence 
         you literally thrive 
            where you are planted  
           An innate sense 
               of determination 
                      within each original 
             song that is released 

micro, macro, wine-gums?

micro poem
— copperfield
with bearded
wine gums
taunt a tongue
into submission
what of the flavours
that are detested?
they’ve met
their saccharine
end in a dust bin
— riddled with
discarded black
wine gums
tossed from
last nights
— not by

Carnaval de Poésie: Announcements and Finale

Every single person who participated in this event I appreciate you so much. I wanted to start with a few thank yous before I share my news with all of you.

To our judges: Artemis Skye McNeil, Grace Ann Shaw, Liz Lugo and Tony Moore. Thank you so much for returning every single year to judge for me!

Valisa Bernardino for always creating the best images, I am so delighted you’ve stayed with me all these years.

Spyros Melaris for designing such PHENOMENAL images & promo videos.

Sonja Mabel McClure for always allowing me to bounce ideas off of you!

To all of you who contributed spoken verse prizes, this event would have been nothing without your exceptional words:

Medina Cekic


Emma Conner

Dana Dane

Kris Duncan

Nicole Hartley

Grant Jolly

Liz Lugo

Sonja Mabel McClure

Artemis Skye McNeil

Georgia Melaris

Tony Moore

Murder Room

Elizabeth Roberts

Cassandra Rojas

Gus Sanchez

Grace Ann Shaw

Luke Young

Rania M M Watts

Steve Zmijewski

Caroline McNamara for helping me pull off a very whimsical and fun surprise!

Georgia Melaris, for contributing all of these copies for Daniela as prizes. By the way, if you won twice during the Carnaval de Poésie you will also receive in your inbox a PDF copy of Daniela The Sequel when it is released. Which brings me to my first announcement Georgia has also agreed to sponsor us again next year.

Now, for part II, over the last few months, I have been in discussions with Infinity Circus Founder Violet Streak (Carly Dann), next year all of the image prompts will be of herself and her team — as Allegra from The Flash would say, “hang on to your buns”. I am so thrilled get ready next summer for Fire Eaters, Sword Swallowers, Contortionists and an entire circus tent and them some more. Thank you Carly for the images!!!!

Please come back next year to see what we have cooked up for you…. In the meantime enjoy the journey whether you are on Route 66 or another open road!

Route 66


Colonisation, Genocide, Stolen Culture 

In order to cohesively understand, one must first listen to the origin of racism and systemic discrimination with regards to colonization, and the impact on Indigenous communities.  When colonization first occurred, stifling of Indigenous culture was commonly practised by the settlers.  This concept prospered by mandating the First Nations: not take part in their ceremonies, wear traditional garments, or even speak their Native language.  When one’s origin is not permitted to be shared and constantly silenced, that would tend to breed a resentment in anyone, and in turn take out the frustration on their families.  Colonization, ruined the First Nations beyond compare for centuries after the fact, it was the genesis set into play that predestined the level of destruction which currently continues to haunt First Nation communities. The levels of intergenerational trauma within the Indigenous People’s is beyond extreme, and commonly transpired to substance abuse as a result of contending with personal and painful histories. Which would in turn lead to a legacy of family violence, as not just one individual is impacted in that scenario but the entire family.

My first semester of Victimology found me in Diversity & Victimology: Indigenous Peoples, so much from that class is still seared into my mind.  My teacher introduced our class to Monster by Dennis Saddleman; the words in this recording and expressions behind them say it all.  This is authentic emotion as a direct result of the genocide that took place via the process of residential schools. The manner in which the residential school was written about in Saddleman’s poem is nothing short of raw brilliance.  He transforms the residential school into a persona of its’ own.  One that was relentless, filled with desire to terminate an entire culture and not only one generation but multiple generations as well. The trauma is so evident; how does one heal from something so traumatic? This is a manifestation of living breathing torture; not to mention how many children ran away from the residential schools and died before making it back home to the elements or even murdered by the caretaker of the residential schools. I would invite my readers to listen to the recording of Monster here – brace yourself and listen with a box of tissues. The message conveyed throughout this poem is one that would genuinely shame anyone that has any dealings with the residential school and its’ infinite legacy of abuse.  


I can appreciate why a human
        who would desire to scribe 
            a piece based on the abuse 
        endured by children 

   Cultural genocide 
       propelled on The First Nations

    The pain brought forth 
               by the residential school legacy 
            is one that never should have occurred 
          in the first place 

   No human should have power over others 
      greed and fear forced the Indigenous beings
                    off of their land -- 

        Who resided here for nearly 15,000 years 
             prior to being kicked off Native lands 
               nothing about this feels right 

       I am not Indigenous to this land 
           however am to another distant land 
             the screams of the children 
                     can still be heard 

             Listen to the wind which howls
                     as it engulfs with love 
                 those who’ve disappeared 

      You are not forgotten
           You will never be forgotten 

For the full BIPOC Explored series click this!


Please note Week X brings with some changes.  I started this BIPOC Women’s Exploration with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw Founder of Intersectionality; that being said I am altering my project to be not only a permanent fixture of CCIQ Press but also one that will include anything and everything BIPOC.  Once again, I began to think about the Theory of Intersectionality and how a true study must incorporate every single angle on the axis for it to be impactful. I am not being true to myself by limiting the scope that impacts and cross references a myriad of magnificent cultures. I want to thank Emma at DRCC for the appreciation of my vision.  

Now, that being said this week my poem is going to be about the land of Palestine.  Written from the perspective of the hot desert earth; the story of an anonymous girl who is an anomaly.  One that is mixed with both Ancient Hebrew & Palestinian blood. 

And the fountain in the garden waits...

Ancient civilizations merged together
    love forged behind enemy lines 
         crimson ties that bind
             sorrow for both 

Damien: Do your parents know that you went out? 

Amani: No! Of course they don’t know! Ya Allah, 
are you out of your mind? 

Damien: Well, last time we almost got caught 
don’t you remember? 

Amani: Yes, I remember! I thought my father 
was not going to believe my lie. 

Damien: I hate that we have to remain apart 
like this – why can we just go somewhere             and get married? 

Amani: You know why – the minute we try to leave
my father is going to have the police out for a ransom on your head. 

Damien: I love you, nothing else at this point                       should matter.  Our days are numbered, they will
soon find out anyways. 

      A little girl born into a battle cry
          pyres row upon row 
    Culture is blasted 
            people die, casualties 
                scatter upon ash riddled streets 
                     genocide occurs everywhere
               to stand as a biproduct 
                    of love yet be pulled 
                in too many directions 

           there are 360 degrees 
       in a full circle – we should
        afford humanity the right 
           to peace – end the plasma 
                river – the earth no longer
                    needs to absorb

Navigation Reviewed By Rania Watts

Journeys come in the form of exploration that cement our feet to the ground and elevates our minds toward the outer strata.  I must have sat down and watched Sam Sam Bubbleman’s lockdown inspired Shadow Bubble show Navigation numerous times. This is genuinely bubble alchemy at its finest, the interesting aspect to me is that Sam is literally creating tactile bubble sculptures that disappear into puffs of smoke when they are touched. There is such a delicate balance that needs to be maintained. To be able to house the talent to not only manifest these perfect shaped bubbles; which is enormous in thought. However, to also appreciate the ability to hide and conceal oneself in a translucent vessel of sorts brings with it the resilience of inspiration and fighting your way through — even if the wall can be popped with one finger.

I was speaking to Sam about Navigation, he said something that resonated with me.

It was filmed outdoors at night and so I was working with whatever wind was occurring on the night to add another element of magic

When we look at the work of an Artist such as Sam, we only see the finished product; never the back of the cross stich only the pretty pattern in the front. The inception of Sam’s production is something wild and organic. The determination it takes, to literally be alone and create under the veil of the night sky with only stars to offer illumination really carries with it the appreciation of perspective. Navigation is more than a Shadow Bubble show, it is an illustration of the beauty in the world we can be a witness to if we simply stop and gaze.

There is something very captivating about using your hands as a tool to blow bubbles, I think the one thing that I appreciate most from Sam’s work is his ability to not only entertain but, also mesmerise with such simple ingredients, which holds a tremendous space for anyone who is watching.

Although, a micro video, it has been 2 years in the making to organise this imaginarium for the soul. For more information on Sam please check out, and more specifically for Shadow Bubbles. Sam offers a plethora of products in his store; the edible bubbles look particularly fun if you ask me.


Part 6 & Final: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

There is so much more to be shared on the music legend, that is Mr. Tony Moore. My musings here have only touched upon some of the highlights. While having a hugely busy schedule of working on his radio show and showcasing amazing artists at The Bedford, Tony will always feed his passion for song writing and recording. 

During the period of lockdown in the UK, brought by the Covid 19 Pandemic – by day, or should I say evening, Tony developed a whole new audience by creating ‘RIGHT HERE! with Tony Moore’ a 2hr performance online every night which exceeded over 213 performances and still continues as a weekly Sunday night show on Facebook.  It brought together an amazing online family with the creator of Carnaval De Poésie, Rania Watts, as our admin anchor and organising legend. Friendships were made and continue to this day and made all the more special by the way in which Tony relates with the audience and made us all feel that we were not alone in such a difficult time. 

Whilst all this was happening, Tony was using his home studio, to create another musical masterpiece – a new album, the title – ‘Awake’. Our final song today, song 6, will be the title track from the new album which has not yet been released and is being performed by Tony as a live show at The Bedford and soon to go on tour. It deserves to be an arena tour. Tony describes the album – “AWAKE” is a concept album. “It’s a journey to discover truth, meaning and love in a world that’s gone crazy.” So that should tell you quite a lot about it. 

This track is a guitarist dream, so powerful to listen to and to watch, visually addictive. I recommend anybody who has a chance to see this album show live, to take up the offer. You will not be disappointed. 

Awake by Tony Moore (From the new album Awake) 

It has been a thrill for me to put this ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ together for Carnaval De Poésie and I do hope you will enjoying reading and listening to my interpretation of the life and work of the wonderful Tony Moore. He is a true gentleman and for the winner of the piece in which he is judging, be assured he will have spent much time reading and absorbing your work. Good Luck to all the participants in the event and to Rania Watts and the event sponsor, Melaris in Arts – Founder, Georgia Melaris, I send my many congratulations. 

Part 5: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Following the creation of such an amazing base for emerging artists at The Kashmir Klub, when the space closed due to redevelopment, Tony took this work into The Bedford Pub in Balham, SW London. The club room at The Bedford, through the stewardship of Tony, was to become another significant launch pad for today’s most well-known and followed artists including Sam Smith, KT Tunstall, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and Ed Sheeran. Tony has lead the role of curating and managing the live music shows for some 18 years and it is a tribute to his style and the relationships he has built and continues to build with these new artists, that makes him and The Bedford so popular. To quote the singer Ed Sheeran – “I loved playing The Bedford in Balham, it was such an important venue on the circuit and always had great acts playing every night,” he said. “It holds fond memories for me and I look forward to coming back one day.” 

In 2011, Tony met singer/songwriter iLO, who you will know as her photograph was used as one of the prompts from the second week of Carnaval de Poésie. iLO has the most phenomenal voice and to hear Tony and iLO perform together is a complete joy. They have played around the world so make sure you book your ticket when they are next in your city. iLO has written an amazing song, which will be our song 5 today, it’s title is ‘Heroes in Disguise’ and you will see Tony performing on Piano in the video of this track. In light of the world in which we find ourselves, you will immediately relate to those heartfelt lyrics and amazing vocals. Tony – thank you for bringing us our new star in iLO. Enjoy this everyone and spread the word. 

Heroes in Disguise – iLO ft Tony Moore 

Part 4: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Tony has always been and completely unselfishly, a huge advocate of launching new talent. From introducing young artists to areas which can help them, I count myself one of those people, to taking you under his wing and showing you how to believe in yourself, Tony will always be a voice of reason. In the late 90’s, Tony launched The Kashmir Klub’ as a starting place for the now awarding winning singer/songwriters to showcase their talent. The club was a starting point for ‘Damien Rice, Imogen Heap and KT Tunstall’ and more. Katie Tunstall is a lovely friend to the Tony Moore Musical Emporium radio show and said of Tony.

Tony is a total rock of strength to anyone doubting that music is their path in life – I aspire to remain as in love and involved with it as he is.” KT Tunstall. For our song 4 today, I have chosen a track by KT Tunstall called Float. It was used in the Disney Movie ‘Tinkerbell and The Legend of Legend of The Neverbeast’. When I listen to the lyrics of this track ‘I will be taking each breathe with a mile-wide smile’ I immediately think of Tony, the joy he brings to all when he performs and how he would say himself ‘We can only live in the present’ We should make time to smile every day. 

Float by KT Tunstall 

Part 3: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Tony came from Bristol where he had grown up to the big smoke that was ‘London’. This was after answering an ad in a music magazine and he became keyboard and synth player in a band. The band was an early formulation of ‘Iron Maiden’ Feeling keyboards were not really working following an initial live show, Tony left and went on to create his own bands to include ‘Tanz der Youth’ and ‘Radio Java’. In the mid 80’s Tony joined the band ‘Cutting Crew’ and a dreamy 80’s occurred. Travelling and appearing with bands like The Bangles amongst many. I have chosen ‘Died in Your Arms’ as our song 3 today to celebrate Tony’s talent and the stamp on the industry he was setting for himself. Listen to those keys on the You Tube link – they are a huge part of the track, the toe tapper for sure. 

Died in your arms tonight by Cutting Crew 

Part 2: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

Tony has so many wonderful stories around music, that when I write the 6 degrees of celebration for his weekly Saturday morning radio show, I always make sure my facts are accurate and that the music will strike a resonance with him as it does with me and the listeners. We have many shared favourite performers and one of them is Peter Gabriel. Tony talks so passionately about Peter and the impression he made on him as he was growing up. I can only agree, that when Tony has an idea and creates it, it is unique to him and so I completely see the connection between Peter and Tony. It would be a dream to see them both perform together one day. So, in this tribute to Tony’s uniqueness, our song 2 today will be Peter Gabriel with ‘Solsbury Hill’. A song which is now 44 years old but sounds as fresh as the day it was released. 

Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel 

Part I: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

It is with great pleasure that I have prepared a ‘6 degrees of Tony Moore’ to celebrate the final week of the ‘Carnaval de Poesie’ 2021. 

Musician, Tony Moore, is the judge for this final week of the Carnaval and I am sure through the organiser of this wonderful event, Rania M M Watts, you are aware of his talents and his wonderful radio show which takes place each Saturday on Soho Radio online (Culture Channel) in London, UK from midday until 2pm. In that programme, we take 6 pieces of music and connect them together either through the song performer, producer, musicians etc. As a special addition to the end of the Carnaval de Poésie and to celebrate Tony, we have created a special version of this called ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ symbolising his career, work and passions. I hope you will enjoy the journey, and Tony, I know we have only touched the surface here but thank you for providing us with the opportunity to do so. 

Coppelia – English National Ballet 

Tony has such a colourful music and arts lead life – he exudes culture and a rich knowledge of what makes music and live entertainment shine both on the screen and in a live environment. This passion is in his roots and I once had the pleasure of talking to his wonderful mum about his music and our shared love of dance in particular Ballet. As our first piece on the journey of ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ and in a way to thank his wonderful mum for bringing Tony into our world, we will begin with an excerpt from the ballet ‘Coppelia’ performed by the English National Ballet. 

…full or empty?

unwanted tears
drip from an unassumed
visage — eager for the future
to arrive in a timely fashion
needless to say — time transpires
its many paths in one culminated
journey — similar to that of golden
liquid caramel that seems to flow
in any direction — it is able
— can you image
being that fluid? to house 
the proclivity to outstretch 
the branches within the fingers
of your chapped hands 
— or if you prefer
a better visual in a manner
that would be created
with some acrylic
paint and a straw
which could probably
look better — except
instead of paint
the use of something
even more fluid
blown through
a straw to design
a pattern that could
leave one feeling…


there are a myriad
of situations where
human beings managed
to escape precarious
situations — some
with much difficulty,
others with extreme
fear and a select with subtle
ease — no matter what
the quandary comfort
in candy will always
allow you to get through
— that’s what the mentos
commercials from the days
of old, not really that aged
perhaps within in the last
decade or two advocates
— go and see for yourself…
just google mentos
pst. my favourite
one is the car