What’s revealed in your Turkish coffee grounds?

Folklore from the days of old
would specify the gift of sight
energy that collides onto itself
even when the reality of truth
not only written in the coffee grounds
enmeshed inside of someone’s soul
serendipity bestows her gifts upon the world
in a manner we should never be taken for granted

Oblivious individuals
unable to see the verity of the force in front of them
some think they are brave
skulk in hiddden alleyways
unaware of what innocuously just fell into their lap

Expectations are not stagnant
“Double double toil and trouble caldron burn and caldron bubble (Shakespeare, 1923).”

Pitch cast iron caldron
fills with intention
intention build on the foundational lies
intention that formed into a mirage

The thing about prophecies
is it a breed a whole life of their own?

Predestined for magnificence
Says who?

Pre-destined for stardom
Says who?

Predestined to hide their head in the sand
Says me!

Ridicule and renumeration
it’s not quite the slice
of dense chocolate Sacher cake
that I would appreciate

When life reveals
a manifestation of exploratory tethers
don’t take a large pair of Edward Scissorhands scissors, and slice each tether

All you were doing is rendering yourself alone
Alone in the world forever

Even if the sound of silence in one’s mind, offers a free in capacity

There will always be lived lie
of the fractures induced in an organ that is boneless

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