Emotion: NOT for the Faint of Heart

Threatened by a small creature
whose heart is the size
of the universe
physically strong men
full of machismo
not a pound of soul
if it had been Shylock
a pound of soul
is more drastic than flesh and bone

Individuals follow
a yellow brick road of denial
residual annoyance of indifference
avoidance of love in its truest form
is perhaps one of the dumbest
things for one to detract
and would cause sorrow
for one’s spirit
horrible thoughts of pity formulate
one who seems to have everything
truly has nothing

In fact, The Nothing
from The Neverending Story
took hold — all that’s left
a dark wormhole that asphyxiates
any semblance of organic hope
stupid how some humans
avoid direct interaction
with flesh and bone humans
only to blame their calamity
on the blameless

Humans who try something new
only to recoil reside in fear
who pretend to acknowledge life
a spark was cast — which required
nourishment — neglected
praised in light
choked in shadow

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