Confident, Unafraid, and Resilient By Rania M M Watts

I was on the bus this morning working on my forthcoming book Trajectory, when I felt the sun on my face; for a moment this overwhelming wave of gratitude overpowered me with an overwhelming wave of gratitude. This week, my entire team came together to support International Women's Day 2023.

Val, I appreciate you never thinking my ideas are BONKERS and always delivering with, out of this world art, you make my heart swell with such appreciation. Liz, you are such a kind human who always thinks of those who are injured and constantly ask why? Which is such a rare gift. I'm ready for your July influx of Halloween & Christmas memes. Sonja, your dancer’s soul bleeds into your work, you place words in motion when you scribe; your expression is always so pure. I sincerely adore the underlining innocence emoted with so much playfulness ton in your work -- regardless of theme. Ari, what can I say? You're happiness incarnate with the ability to tell it like it is. Such a refreshing characteristic, especially when done with a massive smile on your face. Luke, I was overjoyed when you joined our team, your advocacy steeped intent, creativity, and emotive writing is a nice addition to the team. Loralie, I cannot thank you enough for stepping in for Luke and writing something so worthy of International Women's Day for women of all ages. I am incredibly grateful for all of you!

Wishing you all so much love!

Now, my contribution for IWD 2023.

Confident, Unafraid, and Resilient

One night
my brain rescued itself
intent placed to protect
from horrible intentions
a lucid dream state
and a vision
that would place shivers
on the most confident of bodies
it is of no consequence
exist to reside
in our private universe

Arrogance permeates
altruistic declaration
fractured words
said with vibrations
of untruths

Collide in a brain
that refuses to believe
vulnerable in nature
resilient and healable
there are forces
beyond this Earth
who manoeuvre intent

A puppet with bloodied strings
extricated from its capture
a China doll turns toward me
as I walk into a room
obviously, a frozen painted expression
with fun red lips, flawless over
the lid black eyeliner
and plump lashes that yearn

A gentle breeze took
hold of my chest
swept me out of the room
slammed the door behind me

verity is exclusive
promises are cemented
blood forges the agony
extraordinarily —

p.s. Stay tuned for one more special post for IWD!

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