Data Girl’s Rabbit Hole Reviews Awakening Autumn, Julia Cubo & Tony Moore, and April Rose Gabrielli

I had thought long and hard how I wanted to format Data Girl’s Rabbit Hole, my character, like my musical tastes has always been everything at once. There is no better place to get lost inside of music than to simply engross yourself in the moment the notes, clefs, rest, and bar lines ensconce the listener in a blanket coated with all that auditory goodness melodies offer. Below you will find my reviews for Break My Teeth by Awakening Autumn; Anthem for Love, written by Julia Cubo & Tony Moore; and Bookstore by April Rose Gabrielli. Each of these pieces of music is as unique as the next, I thought it would be fun to vary the genres. Let’s get started…

Break My Teeth By Awakening Autumn

When I heard the first lyric, I started to think of the Tell Tale Heart and the undeniable beat of a heart that is undergoing a profound journey. I feel such intentionality of notes when I listen to Break My Teeth in unison with the lyrics. There is a presence of a beat that is very prominent throughout, I am trying to find the words for the bridge; it is as though one is walking through a meadow, induced tranquility. There is an exquisite push/pull that occurs in this piece, the lyrics are not exactly easy in terms of emotion, there is a myriad of expressed fear intertwined with bravery and immense resilience. A dichotomy of the connection of individuals, so into each other with an imprinted profound impact. I am actually genuinely enjoying this piece, the contrast of an elegant melody paired with heavy themed lyrics about a loved one, the most powerful of elements in the world. I think what hooked me the most is the last set of lyrics:

“I’m scared of life
I’m scared you might
Decide it’s
Just a waste of time
I bit the curb
Because you’re worth
The pain and fight
I’d let you break my teeth
If it got you close to me
And when I’m bleeding, honey
I’ll be glad you even touched me (Break My Teeth, Awakening Autumn, 2023).”

I just can’t, I want to know more about this song? I want to know what the origin story is that breathed life into this piece?
Anthem of Love, Julia Cubo & Tony Moore

People do not know this about me, because I typically do not speak about how much I love the world of Opera, even more so fusion music that escapes the boundaries of genres to birth another. My soul melted when I first heard Julia’s soft notes at the beginning of Anthem of Love. I was truly entranced by Julia’s high operatic notes, which truly mesmerize me, with such a strong sense of intoxication. When I listen, I envision steps that rise and become higher with each new note that was hit; higher and severely more heighten than the other – in the most magical way.  Anthem for Love is relentless, it pushes the boundaries of musical styles that blend into act other to honour that genuine mélange. It might sound cheesy to say, the blend of musical styles with high notes, which truly beg the listener’s ears for more.  The moment Anthem for Love begins, there is a dramatic start to the song that takes hold throughout the piece, I have no idea how Julia manages to create this concentrated focus in her voice, the high notes at the end – forget about it. MAGNIFICO! I am trying to formulate the words to contemplate how I want to describe the expression that moves through my soul when I listen to Anthem for Love, it is the perfect blend of old world music steeped inside of history with a new contemporary twist that offers luscious notes that crescendo throughout until the end. Where these tremendous operatic notes make their way to the forefront of Anthem for Love. A classic love song for the ages. I know that is it almost 3:00am in the UK right now however; I would like to extend a special CONGRATULATIONS to Julia Cubo & Tony Moore as Anthem for Love was released today March 3, 2023. 

Read the passion between the notes of Anthem for Love: 

“Inside This Shell
We Can Feel Safe Here
Where Emotions Cannot Hurt Us
But Sometimes We Need Danger
We Are Hungry To Connect - To Some

Love, Extraordinary Love
Incredible Amore
A Love  We Can’t Ignore - A

Love, Immaculate Devine
The Fabric Of All Time
The Force That Fills Us All - With Life

Hearts Locked Away
Cannot Protect Us
When We Find We Fall Again
The Sweet Sharp Pain  - That Can Perfect Us
When We Finally Embrace - A

Love, Extraordinary Love
Incredible Amore
A Love  We Can’t Ignore - A

Love, Immaculate Devine
The Fabric Of All Time
The Force That Fills Us All - With Life
The Source, The Strength, The Power Of The  Light- That’s Love
We Are A Void Of Darkness When We’re On Our Own
We Were Never Born To Walk This Road  - All On Our Own - Without

Love, Extraordinary Love
Incredible Amore
A Love  We Can’t Ignore - A

Love, Immaculate Devine
The Fabric Of All Time
The Force That Fills Us All - With Life
The Source, The Strength, The Power Of The  Light- That’s Love (Julia Cubo, & Tony Moore, 2023).”
Bookstore By April Rose Gabrielli 

It is not a secret that I have loved the music of April Rose Gabrielli since the first time that I heard Do You? when I was, Data Girl on Tony Moore’s Musical Emporium. April is an artist that I will continue to listen to and review because there is something so wonderful about the way she scribes lyrics and composes music. If I cheated on, Do You? with Breaking Both, I think Bookstore might annihilate them a little. I know that the melody or lyrics sound nothing alike; although, I think that Bookstore has the feel of Petula Clark’s Downtown, that universal expression surrounded by a sacred space which in this instance is the Bookstore. It is the most incredible thing the mind, the imagination and the over all encounter of worlds we are completely clueless about. Where they house such a deep and poignant meaning throughout the tethers we hold in our lives. April resides in a world of lush storytelling, each time I listen to her songs there are so many scenes that come to my mind. This one housed with such  spectacular images, which discuss of tales from long ago of galvanized bonds, that brings human beings together in a fashion that is conducive to understanding and true appreciation of love, the human condition and force which propels forward via the imagination and jolt of verity. 

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