Cemented Ink, Episode 9 with CCIQ Press Resident Artist: Valisa Bernardino

Welcome to the first of our Quill Fated Scribes International Women’s Day 2023 special presentation.

This interview was seriously a long time coming, I fell in love with Val’s body of work the moment that I laid eyes on her pieces. I still remember how we met, I believe I was introduced to her work by Thirty West EIC Josh Dale. The first image that I framed from Val is the image of a human heart with a hand above it; which rests in a frame behind me as I write this intro. It is quite remarkable how humans who we’ve never met, yet work with so beautifully, house such a tethered connection. Val can draw anything and everything, however, it is her very unique style that makes her the artist that she is. Val always goes for it when it comes to her art, she is one artist that comes to play when something is requested of her. I could literally sit here until the cows come home and discuss how extraordinary Val is… how about you listen to the podcast we recorded earlier today about humanity and what it means to be a carbon life form obsessed with the greater good and passion.

Cemented Ink Episode 9, Valisa Bernardino

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