New Music Review Feature, Data Girl’s Rabbit Hole

During my single digit years, I naturally gravitated toward one of my favourite things, dare I say one of the two great loves of my life. My affection for singing began at a VERY young age, being able to sing, to unleash all the crazy high, long, and loud notes did not come easily. There was always a part of me that held back, the little tiny voice that said “You cannot unleash everything you have!” it was actually quite frustrating. I think that is one of the most debilitating things that we can do to ourselves, is diminish who we are on an intrapersonal scale. In lieu of the annoying darkness, why not manifest a relationship forged in nourishment of all aspects of the world of music. I have decided to open a regular music review section, on Juxtaposed, entitled Data Girl’s Rabbit Hole. For those of you who know me personally, you are aware of my appreciation of the fantastical steeped in adventure, which makes it the perfect place for me to set a few musical review roots.

To be considered for review, please email all of your tunes to; kindly include: bio, socials, and music in either MP3, or link where it can be accessed.

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