Verity: Bloody Clueless

The most important part of a title
is not the use of the colon 
it is the tethered words 
apathetic humans void
of the truest definition 
of empowered uninhibited 

It is quite comical how the use 
of wolves as the enemy of high-quality wool
savages that seek to do nothing, wait 
although prey to induce devastation 
and annihilation 

An instilled sense of obliteration 
irony in the wake of numerous 
posts on the topic of “kindness”
that float through social media strata
are commonly posted by individuals 

Who pretend to be kind 
Who pretend to care 
Who pretend to be something they are not 
Who pretend to not lie 
Who pretend to have flesh and marrow
        worthy of exploration 

Although the only thing that is offered
is a blank shell 
a vessel void of anything 
except subterfuge 

Dangerous beast 
   you should have never revealed yourself 
 a soft underbelly concealed from the world 
      one that resides in fear 
  one that refuses to relent 
      one which does nothing 
  absent reflection 
one that hides in L’Etranger 
   level indecision 

Please take this note  
   you who are reading this piece 
if a broken bird is perched 
   on your doorway 
a snap of the neck 
   is not the manner in which to reside 
 hold the creature in your hands 

    don’t ignore the ache 
  don’t ignore the cry 
don’t ignore the call
   that may be the last thing 
     you are able to do 

  as that bird that was ignored 
 will once heal however
make seek a thick class window
   to bash its head 
        to diminish the pain 
   instead of live in the hope
      that there are humans 
   actually, worthy of care 
       and compassion 

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