I don’t need to be brought into the light; I am the light

Perception vs reality
a bunch of garbage
spouted from the mouths
of individuals who are clueless
to the point a brain might
be improved from a bunch of bricks
upon the top of the head

Don’t get me wrong
I genuinely comprehend
the breakdown of how acquired
brain injury impacts the mind
from the moment a baby exits
the birth canal to the ages
which require a cane

Imagine for a moment
a single postage stamp

Some serve the purpose
of a noncommittal communication
across town — cheap to snail mail
barely any thought — connection
on a superficial plateau

Now, a bunch of stamps
perhaps to send across a province
7 or 9 little perforated stamps
side by side at the ready
fortified to ensure a slightly
longer journey

Final resolve
to many little stamps
traded for something
even more special
imprinted stamp
furnished with date and time
and postal office of origin

A parcel which requires
longevity — the latter is what
I’m build for — others are not
for a span of resilience
they allow fear and selfishness
no manifest and rise
not my wheelhouse
it never will be

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