Macuahuitl’s Hemorrhage: 14 Days of Bloody Valentine’s By Luke Young & Rania M M Watts Day 10: Agent Provocateur

Super Bowl Weekend & A Little Agent Provocateur

Frankenstein’s body
was left in the back room
with numerous barmaids
clandestine scene with bare shreds
of clothing, desire induced rips
clips no longer fasten
the ever delicate exposure
of a b cup size breast
while cradled in the tulle fabric
silk ribbons tied around the body
which hold various body organs
in place — terror induced screams
offered up in a moment of tantalised
flesh on flesh — gorgeous flesh
in fact — regardless
of the mental teeter totter games

“Oh, what can I do with you?”
“Me? In these scraps?”
“You don’t see, these are £175
Agent Provocateur’s red crushed velvet!”
“Boundless potential and imagination
seeks resolution, I was moved
inspired to purchase this.”
“What is it?”
“You want to put it on your body?”
“Fine, just give it to me!”
“As you wish!”
“Look at me!”
“I cannot!”
“Because my thoughts and fondness
for you need to diminish.”
“What?! Why?”
“You are too beautiful & caring;
I’m a black hole —
no love”
“That’s bullshit, and you know it!”
“Think what you want, I give zero
“Clearly, that genuinely explains
your behaviour and vulnerability.
Denial suits you.”

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