Macuahuitl’s Hemorrhage: 14 Days of Bloody Valentine’s By Luke Young & Rania M M Watts Day 8: This Ain’t Your Moet Champagne

He was lost in thought. Hands deep in the pockets of his bar apron. Memories of the pleasure of the night before. The pretty face and welcoming body he used thoroughly. Waking up that morning he was already bored of her but curious for the new flavour of the night.

“Hey what can I get for you?”
“Don’t you recognize me?”
“Um, I see a lot of people in a night. Would you like a drink?”
“Glass of pinot grigio.”
“Santa Margherita?”
Hair: 6 Skin: 5 Eyes: 8 Boobs: 3 Ass: 9

“Good evening. Can I help you with anything?”
“Is that all you have to say?”
“I’m sorry, what do you mean?”
“Really? Fine. Old Fashioned then.”
“Rebel Yell?”
Hair: 8 Skin: 4 Eyes: 4 Boobs: 6 Ass: 2

“Well well! Why didn’t you call me back?”
“Call you back? Did I say I would?”
“Not really but I thought…”
“Might as well.”
Hair: 4 Skin: 7 Eyes: 5 Boobs: 9 Ass: 7

“Yo jackass! I’ve been waiting!”
“Whoa whoa, no need for that!”
“I’ve been waiting for you to say hello.”
“Hello! Hell fucking OH!”
Hair: 10 Skin: 4 Eyes: 2 Boobs: 4 Ass: 4

“Hello beautiful!”
“Beautiful huh? So beautiful I was worth 10 seconds?”
“What do you mean?”
“You lasted 10 seconds but the smell of alcohol off your skin took days to leave me.”
“No drink then?”
Hair: 2 Skin: 3 Eyes: 4 Boobs: 1 Ass: 3

“Darling! I’ve been thinking of you a lot!”
“A lot huh? Well, I’m glad you came back. You sure like your martinis haha.”
“No I mean I’ve been thinking of you. That’s why I’m here.”
“I’ll get you a martini then. Belvedere, very dry, blue cheese olive. Just how you like it.”
“I like you.”
Hair: 7 Skin: 6 Eyes: 6 Boobs: 4 Ass: 10

I wonder if I could get any of them to come home with me again… The one with the perfect ass doesn’t seem too mad…

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