Macuahuitl’s Hemorrhage: 14 Days of Bloody Valentine’s By Luke Young & Rania M M Watts Day 7: Yo! What about Spinal Juice & Liver Pate?

I lied to you 
it was done purposely
expressions void of love
I fell hard for you
now forever silenced
when I look
at your shrunken head
don’t worry you’re in good company
as the 13 captured pumpkin

I’m reminded of the ache
that came with a request to listen
always met with swarms of crickets
laughable, respond immediately
(insert maniacal

Your perfect dark green optics
in a jar on my desk
facing the window toward the East
where you can look out at a world
which doesn’t remember you
unlike the pounds
chop and chump
in my freezer

I truly hope
you are as tasty
as the others

Doomed soul
forever vanquished in the darkness
stitched eyes and lips

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