The Un of a Myriad of Mundane, Electrifying, and Tethered Things

What kind of anvil has to fall
how many tests MUST be laid
for humans to literally
wake the f@ck up?

People willfully
ignore what is right in front of them
so intentionally —
when inward views appear


One rock everyone bashes
themselves onto, the question
“What am I going to do with you?”
have followed me my WHOLE life

Categorized as broken, sad,
& beautiful
unique views, an anomaly
yet taken for EXTREME KAMIKAZE
granted — life is unfair & unjust

It can be moaned upon
individuals will not know
how to handle the rambunctious
ball of energy before them

Aimless trajectory
guided by universal direction
found peace inside an abyss

Linger in limbo
between certainties desired
edition of un

My heart ripped from my chest
bloody hands make an offer
take it or let it go
speechless deity

If one CANNOT handle the entity
they should take their exit stage left
no one is a forced bond
no one is bound to a vintage
perception of cracked echos
words can be taken back
only, if, uttered falsehoods
if truth was shared
that’s another torture

A cassette tape recording of joy
reeled to the un nth degree
without a single

Butter knife
Antique Quill
Crayon (just not on a hot
summer’s day)

No relief, it’s the most painful
induced battle cry

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