Anemone: Digital Swiss Army Knife

This morning, the witching hour
found a cerebrally restless me
devoid of any semblance
of energy, listless
unable to fast forward
the button stuck between
bloody pause and rewind
do you know how the rage flows


(Author’s note, now PLAYING on iTunes iLO’s Rewind, the ONLY
Rewind — I appreciate!)


Pause and rewind
why a desire to pursue
a course of action
where the implemented
trajectory offers pain
it falls upon the responsibility
of perception to unfold
slowly peel its layers

one with a sense of purpose
of imprinted stories which
cemented a course of action
that blasts an entire galaxy
through a world that continues
to bloom — a hole of catastrophic
consequences — where truth
consistently viable and lies
burn from the mind once
thought of

That rambunctious, devil may care,
induced subterfuge Caterpillar
from Alice in Wonderland
has completely ensnared

Individuals relay tales
of emotionless cores
it is a lie — each of the individual
cogs inside of one’s intimate self
who believes they don’t reveal
their inner intent — mists fall
vulnerabilities are

Moments of non infringement
genuinely wonderful
upon a happening
being sealed into an airless casket
unable to reach for the rope
breath drains from soul
tortured in essence
it’s obvious — what was once open
has now been cautiously sealed
and double reinforced

“I’d rather die from passion than
boredom.” Vincent Van Gogh

I think, I agree with Van Gogh
I’d rather immerse; beautiful word, don’t you think? myself in electrified radiance than the mundane. Not meant to live in a deprecation chamber — inspiration
truly reigns.

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