Day One: Go f@ck yourself

I lived a number of bullshit day one starts, just like Groundhog Day; how is progress viable? If the moment we mess up, we regress, as children engaged in hopscotch, unable to
move passed square one. Which offers no holdings on anything other

than tangible garbage. That giant mushroom from Alice in Wonderland, with the Smoking Caterpillar rests on my path. Utter criticism and torment, yearn for chances, to prove a genuine capacity of competence and

comprehension. ‘Square one for this’ and ‘square one for that’ we do not live in a box entitled square bloody one. (Kindly insert sarcastic tone!) I am a multi dimensional human being, I afford the feasibility
to be able to think, intellectual fire

with the capacity that shames Merlin’s core. The only day one, that we really have is the one where we are born. When we fuck up in life, with the capacity to revert back to something that was worse, than to harnesses a poison within the core.

Do your relationships offer a same balance? Those moments of just add water, no sugar needed. Insert understanding of friendship. Which is honestly also irreversibly absurd, human beings make promises to each other and break those

promises each day; everyone, including me. Every single day, human beings are living their life in a fashion conducive to sex without the orgasm. Nobody understands that authenticity in its own true form offers, impactful power. To

understand the way that human beings operate but not be willing to sacrifice the time and understanding. To say that nothing is ever expected, but deep down having severe expectations, nothing

furnishes humanity more than honesty. The unfortunate tragedy is it honesty, rarely exists in its truest form.

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