Pretzel? Triple twisted roller coaster? Or, a long corkscrew lollipop?

Slice me open
my DNA strands
will be overtaken
by letters, music notes,
and plenty of squid ink
mystical creatures
exist among humans

Magique at a caliber
to genuinely alleviate pain
to ignore trauma,
leave it to
bleed out and infest
others — tethers
to ourselves and true desire
afford ground ability
to crack below
our bare rooted feet

When a lifeline begins in the middle
of a palm, it’s quite obvious
the validity of imprints
covert and over attributes
lifetimes are lived within this matrix
desires are heightened
made consistently aware
choices can be manipulated
and perception skewed


relinquishes demise and hatred
it has no business here,
even though deserved

Breadcrumbs have either
been eaten, buried, and frozen
in the snow or simply
relinquished from
the originator, those little
herb & spice crumbs
have been tediously collected
one by one — a need to
remember void of pain

To surrender to another debilitating
To surrender to oneself echos
true uninhibited
and empowered

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