Infatuated by ALL things compact

Decades ago
a new vessel to hold music
a tiny compact disk
a single
similar to a record single
as a CD and shrunken
to only play a single

It was Simply Red’s
If You Don’t Know Me By Now
literally fit in the palm
of my small seventeen
year old hand

Ridiculous hopeless romantic
that song showed me
the truth in how to let go
of human beings

Time is humanity’s
most impactful curse
at what point is it’s wasted
in vain — in an echo
life is about more
life offers little peekaboo
surprise moments
empty bookshelves of time
as unacknowledged origins
are dusted to another dimension
inside the cortex — left to die
thought corpses tethered
to endless emotion
forever vanquished

To house a level of pain
to be completely obtuse to it
ignore signs of awe, wander,
and wonder — Houdini
would utter spells
poof, disappear

I’ve listened to The Great Mother
since childhood, her kind
whispers and inclination
has helped balance peace
where large chunks have been
extracted from my heart
I think I saw a piece of silver
soul when the morsel
of my heart
was ripped out

best thing about being compact
capacity to enter small spaces
especially including
the Evil Queen’s heart stash
filled with magique
that requires being close
to the Earth — in her vault

A mind that thrives in chaos
that will never change because
turns out
A.L.L. A.T. O.N.C.E.
is my favourite place to be
why be complacent
in the mundane

It does require effort & longevity
with beyond a handful
of patience
with cataclysmic aha moments
Earth shattering even
worth is interchangeable
to those in society
however, it’s the belief
we hold in ourself to the point
in hurts, and release
to comprehend truth of character
will be in question
the trick is to…

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