I cast my spark into the shadows to illuminate the alley

The darkness of the oubliette
echoes its most desperate fear the anxiety, pain, and worthlessness
of being deemed inconsequential
cast aside, a piece of garbage
left discarded on the street corner

Let’s mess with that scene a little
enter stage right, a massive
rain storm — enough to induce
freshly fresioa hued toes & socks
in canvas shoes EXTREMELY
soggy — thoughts bubble
to a surface of uncertainty
to which I reply —


A dungeon is not conducive
to love or light only the bowels
of torment and pain — it offers
nothing industrious — frigid walls
absent of light — perpetuated
trauma — there is no purpose

What’s worse, a human being
with the comprehension
of fondness with a decision
to ignore or do nothing
pleasure takes precedence
and substance ignored

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