I am relentless
when insecurity persists
and hesitation proceeds
a warmth ensnares my spirit
no man will EVER possess

My lips part, cognizant
of my chest as inhales
and exhales linger
a force of nature
universal alignment
may have shifted
for a picosecond

Tethers are wonderful things
knit interlocked boundaries
with the flexibility to enlarge
200 times their size

Humans don’t typically engage
connectivity to universal energies
is so essential, shh can you
hear them? A profound association

Always aware of potential
fear ensued — that’s no way
to keep a rested soul

Balance, a requirement
between elation and calm
a place in the far corners or a mind
where everything exists all at once
not one single human
is responsible for that
throughout my life
emotions have been
OVER emphasized
I want to be as OBVIOUS
and simultaneously
nuanced as possible
there must be no doubt

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