Goodbye Onyx Pitch

Where I’m going
you CANNOT follow
for my truest form to really grow
I need to be let go
the hamster wheel no longer
suits me, my muscles
are weary and my mind
increased stability

Nothing will ever be good enough
I’ve resided in good enough
it only ever got me to quarter
half past desolation
and seriously such a disservice
to everything in my present

So, please let me go.

The ugly blood infused
tear drops have fallen enough,
don’t you think?

Please, I’m begging you,
let me go. It’s the only way
purpose is MASSIVE, organic
thoughts that conceptualize
a life fraught with such toxic

I need to be set free from you
I need you to release me
held captive to days
that are no longer consequential
a myriad thought corpses


Heavily weighed all those
bile and ugly snapshots
should never matter again
as humans we carry
the capacity to begin
and end very differently

Release me

My desire to join you
in a true dance macabre
no longer exists

You take my kindness and
suggest weakness

Have you ever used certain
thoughts to SEVERELY
increase your oxytocin levels
to the point of dizzy ness

It’s wonderful when there are a catalogue of memories to pull from
and you are no longer

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