Episode 6, Cemented Ink with the PHENOMENAL Singer/Songwriter April Rose Gabrielli

I am genuinely smiling ear to ear right now, another interview I have been champing at the bit to pursue. If someone were to stop me on the street and ask me “what are you listening to right now on your playlist?” My honest answer routes its way to April Rose Gabrielli. Her artistry for music rivals her artistry for humanity and genuinely makes the world a better place; I know, I know, that sounds like such a pageant-based answer. However, in April’s case, it could not be further from the truth as to this Unreasonable Woman’s altruistic soul.

Happy listening!

Cemented Ink, Episode 6, April Rose Gabrielli
Dp You?
Bad Habit (Don’t Make Me Bad)
Need A Break
Breaking Both

And, as an added treat the title track from I Woke Up Alive, to tide you over until the entire EP is accessible across all digital channels starting August 12, 2022… Pre-save people — trust me…

I Woke Up Alive

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