A myriad of sentries 
surround me
is it true?
if a connection
can no longer be felt
that it simply vanished
or in a hyper state
of hibernation?

Is it possible
to be constantly riddled
with flux, survive in the chaos?

Oddly, humans are built
to disappoint each other
tethered to other souls
persist in obliteration
not one that marinates
in subtleties

When the strength to protect
my soul vacated from
that roach motel
barely stitched shreds
of a ripped spirit

Have you ever seen
an essence torn
and sliced? It’s not pretty
basically equates itself
to Cinderella
and the pre-ball endured

The fabric of a human soul
is unimaginably incomparable
to a piece of Earthly material
it requires a tender touch
and much restraint to aid
in a process that brims
with immense

When large hands lift my body
I’m relegated to that frightened
little girl, in attempt to be concealed
from this world

Why raw unique characters
who are more that worthy
encased a plethora
of doubt!

Well, I say
f@ck that risk saturated

How many times
can a being relapse?

And, how many times
will that human being
dance a little too close
to the crimson

I burn in oblivion
at the thought of disappointment
— escalates my core

And the abyss
is ignored
no longer discussed
no longer protected
simply discarded
to nourish
from within

Nothing can cure a broken heart
even all the cognitive reasoning
one could afford

That’s the point!
A sentry today,
knives and arrows
in the back
of an angel tomorrow

A massive contorted

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