Juxtaposed Muse 😈

As a Poet
is it imperative
to submit
ideological thoughts
to surrender the ache
and desire of comprehensive
cognition, emotion
completely annihilated

Awareness has perpetuated
the gifts that the feels are all
neurological based

What I thought was heart
is in fact mind — an organ
which beats, offers
as it relates to authenticity
only the movement
of plasma

more riddled with horror
than to have one stare right
through, as though
transparency reigns

Vulnerability witnessed
in front of a chimera so unique
could potentially house
a narrative distilled
in fear

the mist will always lower
the veil between realities
to show pain is not the only
pathway through life
proclivity honours the vantage
of one that marinates
in such fun and whimsy

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