Rania M M Watts, COVERS Reveal!

A couple of years ago, I removed all of my books from Amazon to give them a proper home with Melaris In Print.  I am so grateful to the Founders Georgia & Spyros Melaris for providing my work a sustainable banner; and a place where they are truly appreciated. Over the next few months, my revamped second editions, and some new titles will once again be available through print and digital channels. 

Before I proceed with the covers reveal I should commence with a few notes of appreciation: Georgia and Spyros Melaris for always encouraging my insane ideas for poetry books, Tony Moore for all of the love and support you’ve poured into me, Dr. Milan Jelenic for always being so phenomenally encouraging, Teja Krašek for trusting me to write poetry based on your innovative Mathematical art, Liz Lugo for believing in my work so much that you wanted it in “I Killed Lucy Jones”, Valisa Bernardino for always designing the most incredible cover images, I am grateful you joined me as my Resident Artist all those years ago. And, to my family for ALWAYS understanding the importance of the written word to my spirit.

Now, the reveal of all my covers:

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