Elements of You

A chill-wave in the air captures
your essence. Forced,
my mate collapses on the floor.
Please, I beg you!
Do not leave my side: we fought
an immensely-difficult battle.
Everyday your struggle's
more obvious than the next.
I admire your tenacity.
Your animalistic
expressions surround me.
On the driest of earth
a courageous lion
protects me from the hunters -
even though, at times,
I deserved to be eaten.
In the windiest breeze,
a crazy old owl
shouts accolades in a time
of sorrow & humiliation.
In the deepest ocean crevice,
a massive sperm whale
never abandons their family
trapped in a whaler's net.
Emerging from red hot flame:
the Alchemist,
a constant provider
of all things metaphysical
and concrete.
A short courtship:
the only way for endurance.
I have never believed
that we are born whole;
I am grateful to have
my immortal companion:
as Wolves mated for an eternity.

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