Tohm Bakelas REVIEWED!

Today is the second day of the second semester while preparing for my term marking off assignments and test dates on my oversized calendar; I came across two little chapbooks that genuinely made me smile by my friend Founder of Between Shadows Press Tohm Bakelas.

The first micro publication by Pyre Publishing is such a lovely little treat for the senses, one poem with a drop of a word or two on each page. With each gentle turn of the hand cut parchment of songs for sincerity and survival a story is forged which solidifies the pace of the piece, what I genuinely appreciate about this piece which is so well penned and a feast for the senses as one contemplates truly being awake.

The second micro publication is Tohm’s PHENOMENAL Flexeril Haikus, I have to state it is quite tender how no syllables are taken for granted as on the first page it states one hundred and seventy syllables. I relish the concept of each one counted and not a single word wasted, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I don’t want to reveal the contents of this chap too much, I feel it is one that requires reading. I have many books from Tohm in my poetry collection, and as this small chapbook packs a punch one thing you should know about Tohm’s writing is that he NEVER holds back. Each identifiable emotive marker comes through with such succinct qualities regardless of subject.
Poets splay their most inner souls in their words, wether they guard concealed secrets or discuss the trials and tribulations of being a single father and all of the energy, focus and exhaustion that entails.

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