Desire Inside of Fluorescent Candy Floss Clouds

Conceptualised earth 
   shadow riddled caverns inside 
        unquestionable ocean depths

   consider for a moment 
      the direction taken by the strata 
          in the deepest portion of liquid clarity 
     one that rivals the endless azure 
          is the comparison required 
         to comprehend harmony 

    an internal core 
       fused within itself 
          one could measure the physiology 
     of the human form
        are considerations made 
   toward the limitations of the body 
     propelled by a mind that knows no bounds 

        a dark and stained oubliette 
    takes form of the internal manifestation
       where all the bile resides 
          no fibre optics of illumination 
            although it is impossible 
      for such a place to exist in the realm of reality 
  the torture chamber for the rubik cubed mind 
    that permits for the agony revealed 
       in annihilation 

    pieces not gathered from separate 
      entities one afforded in an enigma 
         wrapped in tethered sentiment 
    constant trepidation to guard 
              of state 

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