I genuinely relish this time of year, not only am I faced with pending holiday spectacles but, also the honour of acknowledging one of my favourite humans. Sonja, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the endless love and support that you have provided myself and CCIQ Press over the years.  

I wish you nothing but immese love, 

Rania Watts, EIC CCIQ Press 

p.s. Thank you once again for furninshing me with such delicious pieces Sonja! 

A Tale of Two Pets

A blue-gray cat’s daring escape from
gloomy hideout, insane jokester kitty
lurks making noises often peculiar, 
quirky rascal startles Tilly, unsuspecting
victim watches xenophobic yahoo zonker

Mosaic Tautogram

Magnificent muse
meld, mold, morph me

monumental moments
made my morning miraculous

maps, miles, mazes
mosaic mountainside
misty montage masterpiece

For more information on Sonja's poetry check her out on Instagram!

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