The earth feels
    so delightful 
 against my waterlogged 
and bloody crimson skin

Granules of Mother
     terra firma 

As I writhe in pain 
     I can feel the soil 
   as it absorbs 
  my plasma 

Why did I make this decision? 

Water below the bridge 
      genuinely invited me 

Blue waves 
   beckon my spirit 
 it was the only way 
   surrender the who, in me
       that should have never existed 
    this climb had already 
   ruined my perfect 
French, gel-tips

Earth below my nails 
   crusted on my cuticles 

“I’d given up!”
A current 
   of sweet release 
my body shattered
        the leap was swift 
   and determined 

At that exact moment 
    in the present 
         that is exactly 
  what I wanted to do 

And, now, 
   I’m in a mass grave
on the grounds of the insane asylum 

Do you know what it feels like 
    to be surrounded by dead bodies? 

I suppose it wouldn’t matter 
as I am juxtaposed 

The question,  
    what to do with that position

        YOU FIGHT! 

See the wild passionflower 
that grows below my open palms 
   which fuels my enchantments 

   Life as beautiful 
        as it is ugly 

 Although for now, 
   the cool earth is my home 

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