“(you know I’ll let you do whatever you like)”

Ego: “Listen, we have to work together
in concert if, you want us to survive.”

Id: “Don’t be a moron! You should just grant
me permission to take over. Would you not want
to live out every single desire falling at your feet?

Superego: “Ego, you need to seriously shut
the **** up! Do you know what
that would do to us? It would completely
annihilate us. Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos
will not only sever our fabric thread;
they would completely be eviscerated
from a firey Excalibur.”

Ego: “Yeah, I get it! Not too drastic and not too easy,
there must be balance. Although, it is essential to
inhabit a profound yearn encased in a proclivity
to pursue the intense blaze inside our core.
We need MORE passion!

Superego: “Seriously! Do you have any idea how
passionate we truly are? WE ARE ONE

Id: “I have an idea, if you are willing to listen. If we
have the capacity for bliss minus insanity — you
are going to need to help, I mean superego is cool
and all but, ego you specifically need some of Lizzie’s
intercontinental glitter. You need to believe in yourself
more! Don’t you think you have suffered enough? I mean
really — how about a life absent of pain — of ache, one
where ADORATION reigns?”

Ego & Superego: “Hell yeah!”

Ego: “Actually, wait, I have a contingency plan.”

Superego: “We are going to bust –”

Ego eagerly interrupts: “Bust out of the asylum…”

Id: “What? That plan is completely BONKERS even for me!”

Ego: “I know, however, reality exists for a reason.
Although we are an intimate triad, we must discover
ways to execute plans cohesively. We require each other
because, if I am to be completely honest some adventures
are worthy of flames; others vulnerability. Which burns in my
chest, the emotion I used to think was anxiety — it is not.
It is my time to go for the jugular and the dipped in cold
water feeling when I make an error; I realised exhiliration
once everything settles.

Id & Superego: “WOW!”

Ego: “Yeah, we need each other to breathe. I PROMISE to never
attempt a termination ever again. We are enmeshed and
it is time to level up!”

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