Contents Of The Cerebral Cortex!

 I wonder if one could vomit 
  their grey matter? 
    All logistics associated
with a relentless mind
  solidifies in a manner
     conducive to the metamorphosis
       to place Kafka’s to shame
Why does one’s transformation
   always focus on the onyx pitch?
  Can we not evolve
         in the presence of illumination?
 Those moments of intensity
      is when we are able to finally
          “level up”
    Despite the negative voices
        and endured torture
    There is a component
          to life’s musical soundtrack
              which allows the availability
         to reign and advocate
               for the inner
                    child frightened
             to move
                      from the corner
                               they were placed in
        For no other reason
              besides a mother’s jealousy
                    in attempt to ruin their child’s life
              You hear that?
                     it is the crash of FREEDOM
                            MY shackles now
                                   being held
                                 in the arms of the mist

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