yeux de plume

Last year my introduction to Anoosh Naghibi’s body of work was made when Tony interviewed him on RIGHT HERE! With Tony Moore. I relished the artistic impression so much that I started to follow Anoosh on Instagram. When this image popped up, it had inspired so many dreamscapes in my mind. Life is all about expanding our comfort zones, something Anoosh excels at, not only his images but videos as well. Thank you Anoosh for allowing me to post this incredible sculpture on my press.

For more information on Anoosh please click the socials below.

Credit Anoosh Naghib

Yeux de Plume

a myriad of photographs
enter my cortex
when I contemplate a visage
the first aspect that strikes me
is the appearance of the optics
not only the hue
but the expression
as maniacal laughter manifests
I slowly begin to gaze upon the lashes
long luscious feathers
feathers in lieu of eyelashes
with a pair of magnificent wings to replace ears

wings unlike Dumbo’s ears
these appendages DEMAND

the concept to allow
an entire body to be led by plumage
on either side of your skull

can you imagine
what it would be like to fly?

most humans when they conceptualize flight
transference of arms as wings

what if the flight source
originated from the top of the crown

what if
we housed simultaneous
metaphysical and physical feathers
that are able carry a body regardless of weight
through the strata

which encourages the proclivity
of the minds expansion
to articulate concepts that supersede
boundaries which no longer exist

freedom can be a norm
and not just an ideal
we must take part

what is it we are meant to do with life
the only way that is every going to happen
is with the conception of release

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