I’ve been sitting here since 1:30 pm listening to iLO’s livestream on Facebook of nothing but original work. One of my favourite nights paired with her birthday makes for a magnificent show. iLO has a solid work ethic one of my favourite aspects of her repertoire is that she is a true chameleon – as iLO’s voice morphs with the style that she sings in; It is honestly so wonderful to behold.

My way of honouring iLO’s birthday – via sharing her music and writing poetry of course!

Auditory Bliss

When I listen to your voice 
    liquid emotion seep from my optics 
            not out of sorrow 

   The poised fashion in which you express 
yourself via the medium of your phenomenal 
   body of work – propels the world 
       in a place where kindness and betterment
            are priority 

    I’ve always said, I don’t know 
        how someone could simultaneously 
      be Rock n’ Rock and ridiculously adorable 
    in the best possible way

     One aspect to your essence 
         you literally thrive 
            where you are planted  
           An innate sense 
               of determination 
                      within each original 
             song that is released 

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