Carnaval de Poésie: Announcements and Finale

Every single person who participated in this event I appreciate you so much. I wanted to start with a few thank yous before I share my news with all of you.

To our judges: Artemis Skye McNeil, Grace Ann Shaw, Liz Lugo and Tony Moore. Thank you so much for returning every single year to judge for me!

Valisa Bernardino for always creating the best images, I am so delighted you’ve stayed with me all these years.

Spyros Melaris for designing such PHENOMENAL images & promo videos.

Sonja Mabel McClure for always allowing me to bounce ideas off of you!

To all of you who contributed spoken verse prizes, this event would have been nothing without your exceptional words:

Medina Cekic


Emma Conner

Dana Dane

Sonja Mabel McClure

Artemis Skye McNeil

Georgia Melaris

Murder Room

Elizabeth Roberts

Cassandra Rojas

Gus Sanchez

Grace Ann Shaw

Luke Young

Rania M M Watts

Steve Zmijewski

Caroline McNamara for helping me pull off a very whimsical and fun surprise!

Georgia Melaris, for contributing all of these copies for Daniela as prizes. By the way, if you won twice during the Carnaval de Poésie you will also receive in your inbox a PDF copy of Daniela The Sequel when it is released. Which brings me to my first announcement Georgia has also agreed to sponsor us again next year.

Now, for part II, over the last few months, I have been in discussions with Infinity Circus Founder Violet Streak (Carly Dann), next year all of the image prompts will be of herself and her team — as Allegra from The Flash would say, “hang on to your buns”. I am so thrilled get ready next summer for Fire Eaters, Sword Swallowers, Contortionists and an entire circus tent and them some more. Thank you Carly for the images!!!!

Please come back next year to see what we have cooked up for you…. In the meantime enjoy the journey whether you are on Route 66 or another open road!

Route 66

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