Please note Week X brings with some changes.  I started this BIPOC Women’s Exploration with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw Founder of Intersectionality; that being said I am altering my project to be not only a permanent fixture of CCIQ Press but also one that will include anything and everything BIPOC.  Once again, I began to think about the Theory of Intersectionality and how a true study must incorporate every single angle on the axis for it to be impactful. I am not being true to myself by limiting the scope that impacts and cross references a myriad of magnificent cultures. I want to thank Emma at DRCC for the appreciation of my vision.  

Now, that being said this week my poem is going to be about the land of Palestine.  Written from the perspective of the hot desert earth; the story of an anonymous girl who is an anomaly.  One that is mixed with both Ancient Hebrew & Palestinian blood. 

And the fountain in the garden waits...

Ancient civilizations merged together
    love forged behind enemy lines 
         crimson ties that bind
             sorrow for both 

Damien: Do your parents know that you went out? 

Amani: No! Of course they don’t know! Ya Allah, 
are you out of your mind? 

Damien: Well, last time we almost got caught 
don’t you remember? 

Amani: Yes, I remember! I thought my father 
was not going to believe my lie. 

Damien: I hate that we have to remain apart 
like this – why can we just go somewhere             and get married? 

Amani: You know why – the minute we try to leave
my father is going to have the police out for a ransom on your head. 

Damien: I love you, nothing else at this point                       should matter.  Our days are numbered, they will
soon find out anyways. 

      A little girl born into a battle cry
          pyres row upon row 
    Culture is blasted 
            people die, casualties 
                scatter upon ash riddled streets 
                     genocide occurs everywhere
               to stand as a biproduct 
                    of love yet be pulled 
                in too many directions 

           there are 360 degrees 
       in a full circle – we should
        afford humanity the right 
           to peace – end the plasma 
                river – the earth no longer
                    needs to absorb

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