Navigation Reviewed By Rania Watts

Journeys come in the form of exploration that cement our feet to the ground and elevates our minds toward the outer strata.  I must have sat down and watched Sam Sam Bubbleman’s lockdown inspired Shadow Bubble show Navigation numerous times. This is genuinely bubble alchemy at its finest, the interesting aspect to me is that Sam is literally creating tactile bubble sculptures that disappear into puffs of smoke when they are touched. There is such a delicate balance that needs to be maintained. To be able to house the talent to not only manifest these perfect shaped bubbles; which is enormous in thought. However, to also appreciate the ability to hide and conceal oneself in a translucent vessel of sorts brings with it the resilience of inspiration and fighting your way through — even if the wall can be popped with one finger.

I was speaking to Sam about Navigation, he said something that resonated with me.

It was filmed outdoors at night and so I was working with whatever wind was occurring on the night to add another element of magic

When we look at the work of an Artist such as Sam, we only see the finished product; never the back of the cross stich only the pretty pattern in the front. The inception of Sam’s production is something wild and organic. The determination it takes, to literally be alone and create under the veil of the night sky with only stars to offer illumination really carries with it the appreciation of perspective. Navigation is more than a Shadow Bubble show, it is an illustration of the beauty in the world we can be a witness to if we simply stop and gaze.

There is something very captivating about using your hands as a tool to blow bubbles, I think the one thing that I appreciate most from Sam’s work is his ability to not only entertain but, also mesmerise with such simple ingredients, which holds a tremendous space for anyone who is watching.

Although, a micro video, it has been 2 years in the making to organise this imaginarium for the soul. For more information on Sam please check out, and more specifically for Shadow Bubbles. Sam offers a plethora of products in his store; the edible bubbles look particularly fun if you ask me.


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