Part 6 & Final: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

There is so much more to be shared on the music legend, that is Mr. Tony Moore. My musings here have only touched upon some of the highlights. While having a hugely busy schedule of working on his radio show and showcasing amazing artists at The Bedford, Tony will always feed his passion for song writing and recording. 

During the period of lockdown in the UK, brought by the Covid 19 Pandemic – by day, or should I say evening, Tony developed a whole new audience by creating ‘RIGHT HERE! with Tony Moore’ a 2hr performance online every night which exceeded over 213 performances and still continues as a weekly Sunday night show on Facebook.  It brought together an amazing online family with the creator of Carnaval De Poésie, Rania Watts, as our admin anchor and organising legend. Friendships were made and continue to this day and made all the more special by the way in which Tony relates with the audience and made us all feel that we were not alone in such a difficult time. 

Whilst all this was happening, Tony was using his home studio, to create another musical masterpiece – a new album, the title – ‘Awake’. Our final song today, song 6, will be the title track from the new album which has not yet been released and is being performed by Tony as a live show at The Bedford and soon to go on tour. It deserves to be an arena tour. Tony describes the album – “AWAKE” is a concept album. “It’s a journey to discover truth, meaning and love in a world that’s gone crazy.” So that should tell you quite a lot about it. 

This track is a guitarist dream, so powerful to listen to and to watch, visually addictive. I recommend anybody who has a chance to see this album show live, to take up the offer. You will not be disappointed. 

Awake by Tony Moore (From the new album Awake) 

It has been a thrill for me to put this ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ together for Carnaval De Poésie and I do hope you will enjoying reading and listening to my interpretation of the life and work of the wonderful Tony Moore. He is a true gentleman and for the winner of the piece in which he is judging, be assured he will have spent much time reading and absorbing your work. Good Luck to all the participants in the event and to Rania Watts and the event sponsor, Melaris in Arts – Founder, Georgia Melaris, I send my many congratulations. 

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