Part I: 6 Degrees of ‘Tony Moore’ – Judge for the inaugural ‘Carnaval de Poésie’ 2021 by Caroline McNamara

It is with great pleasure that I have prepared a ‘6 degrees of Tony Moore’ to celebrate the final week of the ‘Carnaval de Poesie’ 2021. 

Musician, Tony Moore, is the judge for this final week of the Carnaval and I am sure through the organiser of this wonderful event, Rania M M Watts, you are aware of his talents and his wonderful radio show which takes place each Saturday on Soho Radio online (Culture Channel) in London, UK from midday until 2pm. In that programme, we take 6 pieces of music and connect them together either through the song performer, producer, musicians etc. As a special addition to the end of the Carnaval de Poésie and to celebrate Tony, we have created a special version of this called ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ symbolising his career, work and passions. I hope you will enjoy the journey, and Tony, I know we have only touched the surface here but thank you for providing us with the opportunity to do so. 

Coppelia – English National Ballet 

Tony has such a colourful music and arts lead life – he exudes culture and a rich knowledge of what makes music and live entertainment shine both on the screen and in a live environment. This passion is in his roots and I once had the pleasure of talking to his wonderful mum about his music and our shared love of dance in particular Ballet. As our first piece on the journey of ‘6 Degrees of Tony Moore’ and in a way to thank his wonderful mum for bringing Tony into our world, we will begin with an excerpt from the ballet ‘Coppelia’ performed by the English National Ballet. 

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