7 Pieces of 6: Return to Avani Reviewed by Jordan & Jericho Watts

7 Pieces of 6, is a coming-of-age fantasy story about a girl (Tierra) secretly from a fantasy world called Avani, who is living in the city of Portland and has to return before she turns 17 to restore her kingdom. At the age of ten she is taken in by a single lady named Brianna, who considers her to be her daughter. Brianna takes good care of her up until she turns 15, where Tierra flees the nest in hopes of finding her home. On her way to Avani she encounters many characters, such as her brother (AJ), and more. She also goes on many wild adventures. Jericho (11 years of age) and I (17 years of age) both enjoy the author’s Brigitte Mileson writing method. She is great at balancing funny, lighthearted, sweet moments, with the heavy and depressing moments. We also like that the characters contain some sense of diversity, and are believable and for the most part likeable.

There are many good characters in this story, however there are also the bad ones. Jericho’s favorite character 7 Pieces of 6 is the main character and heroine Tierra. To her Tierra is an amazing character, because she is clever and always comes up with a solution to her current problem. She does this by using her gift of intelligence to analyze the situation and come up with a rational response. Also, Jericho thinks she is very strong, yet kind. She is kind by being friendly to the people around her, and she is strong because she does not take anyone’s crap. Personally, my favorite character is a person we meet later in the story Landan. He is a shadow man, and he should be Tierra’s enemy when in reality he just wants to protect her. I enjoy this character because he reminds me a bit of Beast’s character in Beauty and the Beast. Grumpy and dark, yet he has a soft side. He’s sympathetic and he worries about the people he cares about. Another thing is his softness is what sets him apart from the other Shadow men. 

Jericho’s least favorite character is a boy the same age as Tierra (and her former crush) named Kyle. Kyle is also a bit like Tierra because he too is from the same fantasy world as Tierra. She doesn’t like him because he betrays Tierra by making her think she is his partner, then using his special abilities against her. Naturally he does this because he is also after her powers. My least favorite character in this story is Ricci. Ricci was introduced as AJ’s friend. I don’t like him because he is not only shady, but he is extremely untrustworthy. He too fell for Tierra but for the same reason Kyle did. Ricci is also ruthless and he’s constantly trying to put both AJ and Tierra in danger. 


Jericho’s favorite part in 7 pieces of 6: 

  • When Tierra meets AJ for the first time (her brother) at the airport on her way to Avani. 
  • She thought it was wholesome, and cute.
  • She thinks AJ is a good brother as well, and he has stuck with her no matter what happens.

Jericho’s least favorite part:

  • The end of the book. (Can’t say much without spoiling).
  • She does not enjoy cliff hangers in particular; they are good they’re just not her thing. 

Jordan’s favorite part:

  • When Brianna Gave Tierra a necklace before she left.
  • It was a very moving scene. 
  • Great plot development. 

Jordan’s least favorite part: 

  • My least favorite part is when Tierra and AJ get separated later in the story. 
  • AJ and Tierra work so well together, to see them separate was upsetting. 
  • It had a hint of dramatic irony which was clever but personally makes me anxious. 


  • All in all it was a good story. 
  • Well written. 

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