You can stop skulking; this is the poem you’ve been looking for!

Decades of internal war 
   ends now with the banishment 
     of your being from my life 

You desired that I crumble 
    and ensured I had the knowledge 
         that I will never be a good enough 
               human being 

     Tortured souls, 
            should never utilise 
                  their plight to cause harm 
              to others 

  Pain should never be revealed 
         as a commodity that reigns 
               crimson drops from optics 
         that are consistently scrutinized 

           To bypass any semblance 
                   of logical communication 
               to proceed with a plan 
                     that focuses on annihilation

                       I am officially done 
                   with the radical excrement 
              of life, we are offered numerous 
                 chances to be afforded 
                     a witness 

            With grown capacity 
                 of comprehension 
                   of sustainability 
                      void of any toxicity 

    Manipulation, chess games 
       house no validity 
           you failed! 

                  You failed 
                       in your silly mission
               to make me miserable 

               For once in my life 
                    I feel the emancipation 
                            in my veins 
                That desires the nourishment 
                      perhaps in another life 
                            you will be aware 
                                  that humans are not pawns
                         for your maniacal plan 

                                    Look where you are now!
                               Unhappy with your life choices 
                                   does not give you the right 
                                         to burn down 
                                       what never belonged 
                                         to your jealous soul                                                

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