Turtle Island; Why Indigenous World Views Matter

The Ojibway Creation Story; First Nation Literacy
As a human being who has no Indigenous blood, I feel that Indigenous worldviews matter for a number of different reasons.  For one the genesis story of Turtle Island is seared to the forefront on my brain as it clearly illustrates the desire for: love, peace, appreciation, and resilience. Take the muskrat for example who sacrificed his life in order to grasp some earth in his paws to assist with the concept of scope via a wider lens.  The interconnectedness between not only the elemental components of: fire, water, air, earth but also the interaction with all creatures: flora, fauna and human. There is a certain type of environmental sensitivity that is practiced which honours and respects the land, culture, and community. Humanity benefits so much from Indigenous worldviews that validate the purpose of why these specific worldviews and ideologies matter so much.  There are so many things we could learn from Indigenous Peoples such as: smudging and understanding the true purpose of a cleanse and how that purification doesn’t just impact the person who is smudging but also their environment and ancestors.  To have the constant connectivity to not only the elements but also the ancestors who have come before makes these worldviews so essential.  I must also add the oral tradition of sharing and teaching I feel solidifies the learning process as it is done in a manner that is conducive to facial expressions and understanding to those who sit and listen to all the elders have to offer.  We live in a very ugly world, humanity has taken so much for granted and has stolen so many resources from the First Nations. However, they are still here!!! Speaks of immense resilience...  To teach humanity about the importance of not only grounding, but also being open to sacred medicines that work and ceremonies used to open the soul. 

Turtle Cove’s Island

     Fear response
        of the lack of knowledge 
  with regards to uncertain futures 

     a body of people 
 who occupy the pure elegance
    of the GREAT Mother Earth 

       In her hands she holds 
  the ideologies of protectors 
     sentries born in order 

    to sacrifice for the good 
a microcosm the efficiency 
   to thrive – to observe 

     that each life held 
  is immense yes, however,
means nothing 
   absent of the macro purpose
      that awaits our micro beings 

all elements course through 
   the crimson blood of The Indigenous People
        choices are made everyday 

   What may be right for one
       may not necessarily be best for everyone
         a mentality which is part of the problem
             Turtle Island, occupies a plethora
         of Indigenous tribes 

              each one of them
                 has a valid story 
                      that must be 

           please listen with all your 
               senses, which includes
                   true light riddled

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