ode to caramel

ok, so, right now
what i want
for you to do
while reading
this poem
is to contemplate

all of the sensational
desserts and un
which use caramel
sauce as a base

on it’s own
is pretty simple
to make — although
it takes one thing
many do not have
much of — time!

imagine if you will
the largest and deepest
well — which no longer
freely flows water — there
was an incident
that occurred when
i was a child
that totally changed
the well for the purpose
it was originally
used for

you know how
wells are traditionally
used for two things
water and wishes

well the wish
that i decided to make
was for a place where
caramel flowed freely
slightly warm

the oompa loompas
at wonka’s had nothing
on me

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