Phot credit Ally S
*Written in the voice of one who finally found their own way

People have used me my whole life 
for their purposes – it never ends

How does one say no, when purposely 
placed on earth to be an aid to all mankind 

There are individuals on this planet 
who seek to simply drain the energy 

From a core that should be able to replenish 
demands fall on one’s head – a dead weight 

When called, I rise, it is an innate quality 
to my extremely idiosyncratic personality 

The problem with availability is that pieces 
of my core swirl in a zephyr until I feel whole 

Do you know what it is like? As beings made 
from stardust our entities are essentially 

Granules that are held together with:
              scotch tape
               cotton thread 
                      band aids 
                            and glue 

     an effigy in motion
            which refuses to relinquish 
                  an identity 

             that has furnished a solid 
                    attitude all its own 

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