Facts about the Highway Of Tears

- 724 km is the length of the Yellowhead Highway 16 in British Columbia.  Tragically this space now referred to as The Highway of Tears is where most First Nations women have vanished or discovered as murdered (Sabo, 2016, 2019).
- 12-16% of missing or murdered Indigenous Women; make up 4% of Canada’s population (Kameir, 2014).
- E-PANA defined: Spirit Goddess who tends to the souls before they are reincarnated or go to Heaven in Inuit the “E” portion comes from the Division of Criminal Operations requesting review of the murders on Highway 16 (Royal Canadian mounted Police in British Columbia, n.d.). 
- Project E-PANA, which is the RCMP’s investigation into the murders that occurred on The Highway of Tears began in the fall of 2005 (Carrier Sekani Family Services, n.d).

In the Voice Of A Murdered Indigenous Woman 
*content warning

I am unable to feel warm
     the earth crusted to my skin 
          my hair is all tangled 

    I wish my mom was here
         she would hate my onyx locks 
             being all matted and dirty 
                 beautiful fuchsia nail polish 
             now scratched and bloody

                I tried to fight off 
                    this man who basically 
                          took me as I walked 
                      home from work
      What's worse is that daylight 
          was at the point of a faded sun
               I screamed -- no one heard me

            Trapped and tied up in the trunk
                  of one of those old-fashioned 
                       jeeps; with plastic zip bands
                   my hands and feet both bound 
               I am not safe, I want my soft 
           yellow and green floral comforter 
                  to hide below 
     I am no longer able to feel my tears 
  they have dried to my face -- brittle drops
           -- the moisture that was once
          on my body has now diminished into 
              a pile of buried bones 

        positioned face down
             I can never travel to the land 
                 of where my ancestors 
Canada's Highway of Tears and the Women We Forgot: Rawiya Kameir

Carrier Sekani Family Services

Highway of Tears By Don Sabo

Project E-PANA

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