Lost Boy, Ruth B
There is something about the quality of a good song that can genuinely bring me to my knees. As someone who relishes the concept of music, impeccable song writing skills are never overlooked through my boring brown optics. This week I have selected Singer/Songwriter, Breakthrough Artist of the 2017 Juno’s Ruth B.  As someone who gravitates towards anything and everything fantasy related – Lost Boy struck a chord with me from the first time I heard the simplicity of Ruth B’s voice as she accompanies herself on the piano.  I relished Once Upon a Time as well, which inspired her song Lost Boy; it is incredible how art always feeds more art and throughout the various media genres throughout artistic impressions. 

Travel back in time? What the hell for? 

I’ve never been in search 
   for the fountain of youth 
        and don’t think I ever will be 
    Unlike some my youth was most unpleasant 
          it took a lot of energy to simply 
                remain alive 

     What I seek 
           is the sage wisdom of age
              to be able to comprehend 
        there are things in life 
            that must occur 
                   for resilience 
                        to emancipate 
                  itself from the confines 
             of shackles that bound 
         a spirit that simply 
   desired to fly into the infinite
       strata – to discover 
           far off worlds
                  through the scope 
        of an imagination 
              that has always 
                    felt a sense of a stifled echo 

        a fear that control 
          essentially must always 
               be exhibited 

         loss of creative maniacal 
             structure adheres 
                 to the verity 
            of self     

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