BIPOC Explored Week V

As someone of Palestinian descent my teita used to always ululate, the sound she would make would be so immensely loud and booming.  It reminded me of the First Nations chants; which still move me to tears every time I hear them. The first time that I heard the consistent drum beat from First Nations ceremonies I wanted more.  The sound would absorb into my entire being -- I stand motionless to ensure that I miss nothing.  It is how I feel when I listen to Uuliniq Susan Aglukark when O Siem was first released in 1995. The impact of that song pursues a message of love and unity. Something that the First Nations of Canada were truly not afforded.  The lyrics adhere to my frontal lobe "O Siem we are all family..."I remember, how thrilled I was to be an audience member at the Juno's that year to watch Susan win for: Best New Solo Artist and Best Music of Aboriginal Canada Recording.  Even as I write this, I still feel the goosebumps radiate throughout my body. 

It makes me wonder why this ideology has not been adopted and fostered by the greater society. We house the proclivity between us to rise to be there as an ally for a desperately underserved body of people, who reside all across Canada some of which are under water boiling advisories. In fact currently there are "54 long-term advisories in effect as of March 31, 2021 (Government of Canada, 2021)"  Our earth is one large dysfunctional family however, no one sees that.  All they see are how individuals do things differently and fear it.  In 2021 the time for unity should prevail. 

There is a kind of anger the surrounds the globe! 

For how many millennia
    has the planet been engulfed 
          in flames?

    The level of inequity 
       is deplorable -- 
          why fight?

         Why fight it at all?
    injustice occurs everywhere 
 at the hands of greed and inequality 
    gender and race bias takes over
        a manipulation tactic
           that should never
                exist --
  to never come to fruition! 
 -- when did society 
   simply surrender to its authority?
       Did it always?

     In secondary school 
 plenty of poems were written
    with regards to immense 
              over civilisation 

  I do not subscribe 
     to the one size fits all perspective 
        there is purpose 

   Human beings should not be classified
      as garden variety cookie cutters!
     Is that what people want?
        To be normal? To blend 
            the shades of diluted hues?
      If strength is not maintained 
        in anything saturated --
              will spread 
        through the bowels 
            of humanity 

   The choices are numerous
      however, the only one for me
          stands with those 
              who feel compelled 
                   to go to war 
           for a simple 
        yet valuable concept 

Ending long-term drinking water advisories. (2021, March 31). Government of Canada.

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