Interview With Exotic Beauty Chrys Columbine

© 2010 of Julian M Kilsby

Over the last month I’ve asked Chrys Columbine a series of questions via Instagram about her life and career; now I’ve harvested all her responses and am ready to post our full interview.  Chrys is a creature that exbibits beauty from all angles, who genuinely cares about the state of the earth and harnessing as much positive energy as possible.   Don’t be fooled though, Chrys looks elegant on stage as she performs; however, can honestly handle her own as a personal trainer and lover of Martial Arts. 

RMMW: I’ve never done a daily Instagram interview before — thought it would be fun to ask @chryscolumbine some questions about her life, music, and things involving physical training. Thank you Chrys for playing along with me! ❤ Do you have any rituals before going on the stage to perform? If yes what are they?

CC: I’m afraid if anyone’s expecting anything spiritual they’ll be mortally disappointed 🙈😆 Being an OCD bitch, I will however have gone over my piano routine with a mimed striptease ( and real playing) a few times at the venue, babywiped the dressing room table and chair a few more times, then arranged my costumes, shoe attire, jewellery and feathers in “show flow” order with double sided tape already on pasties ready to go… If we are talking about pre show pre show… then a couple weeks before I’d have probably embellished costumes with more Swarovskis than they previously had on in front of an action film of some sort. Oh, and my showgirl suitcase is generally on average, packed 1 week in advance 🙈💁‍♀️

RMMW:  A week in advance is really organised. Makes sense though, if you forget something it’s not like you can run to a variety store and pick up what you require. More Swarovski always works for me! We all have to contend with an inner critic – how do you deal with yours?

CC: Mine sometimes makes the average inner-critic of others seem like Glinda The Good Witch Of The North… how do I deal with this demon? Do as my good friends have done with me in past, more-self-destructive times… tell it to “shut the fuck up”

RMMW:  I think that’s the most perfect advice EVER!!! Have you ever been creatively blocked? If yes how did you over come it?

CC: Creatively blocked??? Ooohhh yeeees 😂😂😂 it happens too often for my liking actually. The only way I seem to be able to really and truly cope with it is to ride it out… usually by focusing on other stuff I enjoy. I tend to get really into my training or some kind of action activity if I am feeling artistically inhibited. Going for an outdoor run or skip, doing my karate training, swimming or getting some weapons out going through screen combat stuff (whether badly or not)… this at least rejuvenates energy levels and when you’re feeling physically OK then guess what?! Its only a matter of time before the creative spark starts to kick in again 😉

RMMW: it’s quite annoying isn’t it. I’ve only been creatively blocked once in my life I was so depressed. You are so right about rejuvenated energy levels — coming back from something such as a creative block requires a lot of determination! 🔥 What is your favourite aspect of performing?

CC: I don’t have a favourite aspect. I love every single thing about it, the prep, the show itself, the communication with the audience (no crowd is the same thus constantly keeping you alive) and the backstage banter with all the other amazing artists ❤️

RMMW:  I love the positivity — all those components sound like organized chaos! Backstage banter sounds like so much fun!!! ❤️ Tell us a little bit about your new school and fancy new grounds.

CC: I will let the venue speak for itself… ladies and gents… visit (virtually if no other way) @stephenshouseandgardens 🦚💚💐🌳🌿

RMMW:  Those grounds are exquisite!!! 🔥 When I was young I had no idea how someone could have so many interests … having understood that now I always want to know why? What prompts a journey; You have a ton of jobs: personal trainer, your music school, burlesque, piano player, and future ninja warrior. Of all these hats which is your favourite to wear and why?

CC: I love them all. Why? Because who says you should only have one vocation in life? Life is too short to NOT have a go at making a living out of all the things you love 😍 But yes, there IS enough time ( if time is managed well) to narrow-focus on one thing at a time, making sure you master the subject matter. Do it all. Before you get to 90 and regret that you didn’t.

RMMW:  You are right! Opportunities should never be lost to try or do something you love! As someone who is well travelled once COVID restrictions are dropped where is the first place you want to visit and why? I will go first! The first place I want to visit when lock down is over is the UK; because most of my good friends live there… now it’s everyone’s turn to go…

CC: The first place I wanna go is Lebanon… a spiritual home of mine… I made friends on the first day I ever went who I am still in touch with today. The forces that were working and how, are still unknown to me… but the venue I was staring at on New Year’s Day 2013 that I dreamed would host my own, burlesque extravaganza at, ended up doing just that in 2015. The people that aided me in making this happen became more than colleagues, but people that I regard as family. The Lebanese people are special, and with all they have suffered over the years and how resilient they continue to be, I find them some of the most inspiring a nation has to offer. I just wanna give Lebanon a massive hug 🇱🇧💚❤

RMMW: Awww the country of my birth… I don’t remember Lebanon I was very young when my family immigrated. I did however hear that we would go to the beach and the mountains in the same day. I find that kind of fun. ❤ A body like yours comes with a tremendous amount of hard work and determination what would you like your future clients to know about your workout regime? If anyone has any questions for Chrys about working out please post it below…

CC: Most importantly, that my exercises routines incorporate workouts that can be done anywhere, outdoors and indoors, and outside of a gym! It’s important to know what you love in sports and training, vary your workouts and most of all, have fun with them.

RMMW: From performing on the piano or working out which is of the two is your favourite to do and why?

CC: They are both as vitally as important as each other. Having an artistic endeavour feeds nourishes your soul, your passion and will no doubt (either the right attitude to it), keep you sane in the winter of your life. As for training, what can be better for your physical and mental health when you feel the strongest and finest version of yourself? And if you’re a tad of an adrenalin junkie, particularly when there is a teeny bit of danger involved (like contact sport/sparring), you never feel more alive.

© 2010 of Julian M Kilsby

RMMW:  You’re right working out is better for one’s life. For me the tricky thing is finding motivation. What would you recommend to a beginner who is just starting to either work out or learn how to play the piano?

CC: Find a good teacher / coach who will first share with you the importance of the basics – technique, form, drills, and of course when training – SAFETY. Practise makes not perfect, but permanence, so make sure you spend time and patience focusing on the basics. Once you get into the habit of persevering, the stuff that’s fun, impressive, inventive will undoubtedly follow.

RMMW:  Did I ever tell you about the time my piano teacher slapped my hands with a ruler for not holding my hands & fingers properly over the piano? She was horrible!

© 2010 of Julian M Kilsby

CC: I’m just relieved that finally, today, such behaviour is recognised as abuse.

RMMW: Me too — it wasDid scribe a grisly revenge poem! From performing on the piano to videos with swords which of the two is your favourite to record? And why?

CC: I cannot choose a favourite… purely because one artform is like 2nd nature having done it since age 10, and the other is a new and wonderful skill I am learning, which I am eventually hoping to master.

RMMW: Which favourite Martial Arts is your favourite? 

CC: My favourite marital artform is karate since I have been doing it since I was 10 years old – my favourite style is Goju-ru since it is more suited to close-quarter encounter, therefore likely to be effective if happen to be attacked in real life. I love a lot of the fluid circular movements within the style – rather handy at confusing an opponent, and they are also quite beautiful to do/watch.

RMMW: If you had a superpower what would it be?

CC: As for my superpower, I’d choose to be able to instantly teleport… I’d be able to visit my loved ones all over the world and instantly be there to help someone in a crisis, anywhere.

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